Felt this belonged here, as this has happened to me irl as well.

2021.09.26 21:46 HappyJackMN Felt this belonged here, as this has happened to me irl as well.

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2021.09.26 21:46 NinFreeze Mario Movie Cast Announced In Most Recent Nintendo Direct

Mario Movie Cast Announced In Most Recent Nintendo Direct
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2021.09.26 21:46 PurkinjeShift Installed a Pedal Commander. Holy crap.

It feels like a whole new vehicle. Super responsive and controlled. Zero lag. I couldn’t get it to drive like this now matter how I used my foot before. Definitely adds to the fun factor.
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2021.09.26 21:46 sznadra Orbán Viktor: sokan szeretnének minket felzárkóztatni oda, ahol már csak mecseteket építenek

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2021.09.26 21:46 shortstory1 The only times that I'm glad that my parents are poor

My parents have always been poor and majority of the times I blamed them for all of the problems in my life because it was so hard growing up poor. The amount of things we couldn't do or buy caused such stress growing up and I was picked on for it as well. I hated my parents for giving birth to me and I constantly use to question as why they gave birth to me even though they knew they weren't rich or able to afford the basic necessities. Even though majority of the times i hate my parents for being poor there are certain moment of the year where I am glad that my parents were poor.
Every year on July 17th I am so glad my parents were poor because on that date many years ago, as a teenager, I remember a rich parent's child being abducted. The abductors gave a note to the abducted child rich parents but the parents at first tried other means to get their child back home. They were so stubborn that their child came back to them dead in pieces and they could have easily afforded the ransom but money was so important to them, that even their own abducted daughter couldn't persuade them to give a certain amount of money away. From that day on, on the 17th of July, I am glad that my parents are poor. The day after though i go back to not liking them for being poor.
On another date every year on the 17th of December, on that day i am glad that my parents were poor. I remember many years ago as a teenager on the 17th of December, a rich family who live inside a rich house had received visits from every thief and burglar in the area. They tore the house down and robbed everything from that rich family and burgled them but at least the family were ok. My family never had such issues with burglars or thieves as we have nothing of valuable. So, every year on 17th of December I am glad my parents were poor.
So only having two dates of the year where I am glad that my parents are poor wasn't enough anymore and I wanted at least a third date to be glad that my parents are poor. Then it happened I won the lottery but I gave it to some stranger and he was all over the news about how we won the jack pot. since then, his life was hell and all of his loved and friends are his enemies and he is constantly being sued and he doesn't know who really loves him and who doesn't. So every year on 12th of may I am glad that my parents are poor. It is on the 12th of May that I won the lottery and gave it to that guy, and that guy's life had been forever ruined.
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2021.09.26 21:46 AloneYogurt Weekend project is completed.

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2021.09.26 21:46 wolfy189 Please don't!

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2021.09.26 21:46 Safe_Sky7358 [h]Onlyfens restocked![w] paypal | crypto :D

Sup everyone, the accounts you love soo~ much are back again!
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2021.09.26 21:46 geeblorj do you want to bring spy mains pain in real life?

those buggers with their ahegeo pfps and 10 monitors all watching either spy trickstab compilations or hentai (or both at the same time) , yeah. do you good fellow reading this , want to bring these "people" genuine pain? if your answer is yes then i have news for you
The Dragon's Fury
The fact you can 2 shot spies along with the fact that there is a 100% chance they will bump into you results in the ultimate spy torture method

(use scorch shot for extra cyberbullying)
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2021.09.26 21:46 SirCreepingtonPasta "My Brother Returned After Going Missing... I'm In Huge Danger" Creepypasta | Scary Stories

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2021.09.26 21:46 midomaxis Streak 44

In unsere zeitgemaße Welt gibt es viele Weise der Kommunikation. Aber wie beeinflussen diese Weise unser Leben. Ich denke, dass wir viel Zeit im Internet verbringen. Das verschwendet unsere Leistungfähigkeit. Wir reden und kommunizieren mit viele Menschen. Man muss seine Zeit im Internet ausgleichen. Das bedeutet, dass man wie viele Stunden im Internet zu verbringen feststellen. Man kann auch die neue Message nicht schnell antworten, ob sie nicht wichtig sind. Man muss auch nicht viele Nachrichten lesen. Weil sie endlos sind. Und es gibt immer neue Nachrichten, deswegen verplempern wir immer mehr zeit. Es gibt mobile apps, die unsere Zeit auf das Handy einrichten. Ich weiß nicht, ob sie wirksam sind.
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2021.09.26 21:46 LambityLamb_BAAA7 Top 10 photos taken moments before disaster

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2021.09.26 21:46 whatdoido42069 Does being in a relationship mean you have to give up basic privacy? I don't think so

I've been with my partner for a year now. I go above and beyond, and do all I can to make this person feel special, but it hardly matters. The trust issues are something we can't get past, even though the rest of the relationship is amazing.
I've never betrayed their trust, and have never done anything to violate our relationship. My partner insists that I give them all of my passwords, and if I refuse, that means I'm hiding something.
Basic privacy is one thing I refuse to compromise on. I don't believe that just because I'm in a relationship, that I give up all privacy. Wanting privacy does not mean a person is hiding anything. They want to go through my accounts and make sure I'm not doing anything shady.
Is this an unfixable issue? I refuse to bend. I'm doing nothing wrong, and should not have to be monitored.
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2021.09.26 21:46 nkataa [H] M4A1-S Nitro FT w/ IBP Katowice 14 Holo & AK-47 Redline WW w/IBP Katowice 14 Holo Scratched [W] Falchion Ruby (self.Csgotrading)

B/O Falchion Ruby MW - FN
M4A1-S Nitro FT w/ IBP Katowice 14 Holo
AK-47 Redline WW w/IBP Katowice 14 Holo on wood
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2021.09.26 21:46 mindblownholyshet Change (in the house of leaves)

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2021.09.26 21:46 pouringafour Should I report my professor at college?

So in one of my classes the other day our teacher randomly brought up something that had nothing to do with literally anything. It had nothing to do with the class, it had nothing to do with our books, it didn't even have to do with the conversation we were having at the time. Randomly the professor says "I need to tell you guys about my sister by the way, she is crazy". She then continues to explain that her sister who did a lot of drugs in her early years randomly started to act crazy a month prior to when we were in class.
She then randomly brings the conversation over to Donald Trump. She then asks "Did anyone here in this class vote for Trump?" "I just wanted to know". Then a student says "Yeah I want to know too, so we can all see". As I look around the classroom I can see a lot of people get uncomfortable. Black, whites, asians, hispanics, etc, literally everyone is uncomfortable. I did not vote for Trump, matter of fact I did not vote for anyone.
But this comment made me extremely uncomfortable because it was an attempt to divide the classroom, even if that wasn't her "intent". It made me uncomfortable also due to the fact that if anyone did raise their hand, they most definitely would have been shunned as the professor was steering the conversation towards that. Which obviously showed because another student brought up the same thing in a aggressive manner. IDK if I should report her or not but I feel like I should because it is unacceptable in a college classroom.
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2021.09.26 21:46 sweetart1372 Room wasn’t loading, so I just picked any available Mediterranean option. 2nd pic is what I ended up with. Should I submit? Lol

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2021.09.26 21:46 superdoge35 Coffee drinkers

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2021.09.26 21:46 khotchoco [SELL] [USA] NWT Rogue Renegade Alpine white sz 0 $85 + shipping

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2021.09.26 21:46 elias_goat I know it’s early but First thoughts on the new show?

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2021.09.26 21:46 Ebonyhotwife83 Would you help this dirty girl get clean ,then use for your pleasure?

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2021.09.26 21:46 NoFigur I beat Electroman Adventures before Jumper

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2021.09.26 21:46 ForTheMeems Behance vs Flickr, which is the best for displaying professional work, both photo and video?

I want to upload good quality content and be able to display as a portfolio. For any photographers and filmmakers, which of the 2 would you use and why?
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2021.09.26 21:46 anotherroleplayer0 F looking for other F role players to vibe with

Hello there! I am 21F and I am looking for a long term roleplay partner, someone who I can be friends with and write wonderful stories with!! It’s so hard to find a writing buddy that I click with so I’m hoping I can find someone soon!
Rules and requirements: Currently I would prefer all my roleplay partners to be women as well, or non binary! I don’t feel comfortable writing with males due to bad experiences. Also I would prefer all partners to be 18 and over!! This one is a deal breaker for most- but I only play female mains in a MxF setting. I can write male side characters but my main character will be female so please be okay with playing a male character! Also- please no one liners, I write 3-5 paragraphs on average and sometimes more depending on what’s happening so I would like my partner to do the same! Also please be enthusiastic in plotting! I hate doing all the work and I would like for us both to be excited!! I love worldbuilding and planning and I LOVE gushing about our characters so please have that same energy! I will gush over and love your characters but please have the same vibe for mine! I always hate feeling like things are so one sided so it’s always nice to have someone who matches my vibe! I wanna be friends and gush over the role play but I need someone on my level! I never know how to respond to bland messages or one word responses so I tend to just… not respond to dry people.
Now onto the fun stuff-
I mostly roleplay fantasy characters and occasionally sci-fi characters! I play as demons, mutants, aliens and what not- all humanoid. Please be okay with that! Playing as a human is boring for me so please be open to fantasy settings at least! My favorite genres are romance, fantasy, angst, fluff, and action and I would love to do a mix of all of them!
I have a few loose plots in mind, some more focused on the worlds and story’s I have going on but some are smaller baseline plots we can work on together!
Please send me a message for more information if you are interested!!
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2021.09.26 21:46 heysavnac Got a Novation Peak today.. keep the SH-01A or sell for a BSii (AFX Station)?

Hi. I purchased the SH-01A as a Mono/Poly combo synth to record ambient/lo-fi chill stuff with reverb and delays and whatnot. But I recently ordered a Peak, and now I’m contemplating selling the SH to buy a BSii, particularly an AFX Station at a good price. Since I have the peak, I may just use whichever synth I stay with as a bass synth, so I’m unsure which one I’m better off with. I do like the unique SH-01 sound, but am I sacrificing any sort of flexibility on the bass side I may be getting with the BSii? I want to create 80’s style bass, and some patches that sound like electric bass guitar (obviously not identical, but “less synthy” if you get me.
Since I have a peak coming in, I don’t know if I need the SH-01a for poly stuff anymore. will I be giving up more from the poly side of the SH01A than gaining from the BSii bass wise? What will I be losing? Gaining? I love it’s sequencer and I’m afraid to lose that :/ but if it’s worth it for some increase flexibility in BSii’s bass then I guess I can consider? Tell me some things. Thanks!
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