[Asteras Tripolis 0-2 Olympiakos] Καθάρισε απ' το πρώτο ημίχρονο και βλέπει Φενέρ

2021.09.26 20:36 Mesartic [Asteras Tripolis 0-2 Olympiakos] Καθάρισε απ' το πρώτο ημίχρονο και βλέπει Φενέρ

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2021.09.26 20:36 Hovercat08 Guess who just ate the worlds hottest chili, I want to die

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2021.09.26 20:36 POMARANCZA123PL Ellie & Abby from The Last Of Us 2 now available in Sackboy: A Big Adventure!

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2021.09.26 20:36 Arsene_777 Yo Reddit time

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2021.09.26 20:36 Pessimist2020 Former top DHS official: Trump return to White House would be 'disaster' for intelligence community

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2021.09.26 20:36 jakedate1 Dm me to jerk to her

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2021.09.26 20:36 bilakos10 [Review] Cyansky K6 || Luminus SFT-40-W, 1600 Lumen, 1 x 21700

[Review] Cyansky K6 || Luminus SFT-40-W, 1600 Lumen, 1 x 21700
The following accessories are included in the box:
  • Cyansky branded 21700 battery
  • Wrist lanyard (with some nice braiding!)
  • 1 x replacement tailcap boot
  • 2 x replacement o-rings
  • Pocket clip
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Carrying pouch
  • User manual.

The carrying pouch is made out of nylon. The overlapping flap is secured in place via velcro, while a belt loop is present in the rear.
The Cyansky K3 comes with a black matte anodization. The flashlight is dual switch operated.
The overall fit and finish is excellent. Its body comes with parallel knurling for better grip.
The rear mounted, forward clicky switch is used solely for controlling the power on/off of the flashlight.
An e-switch mounted in the lower part of the head is responsible for controlling the mode switching. The switch is made out of sandblasted metal and sits also flush with the surface of the flashlight.
A mildly crenulated bezel is in place to protect the glass lens. Its worth noting that the bezel and head is a unibody piece.
Looking down the head, we can see a smooth reflector along with a Luminus SFT-40-W. The centering of the emitter is perfect.
The driver seems press fit and glued. A brass tab is used as the positive terminal in order to ensure maximum efficiency
The rear switch boot sits below the two metal flaps, which allows the flashlight to tail stand.
The tail houses a copper spring. The spring board is held in place via a retainer ring.
Both the front and rear threads are square cut and are anodized, which allows the flashlight to get mechanically locked out.
A detachable pocket clip is also included. The clip is quite stiff and provides excellent retention.
As already said, the Cyansky K6 comes with a 21700 battery. The battery also includes a regular USB Type-C charging interface.
User Interface Being a tactical flashlight, the Cyansky K6 comes with a simple and forward UI. Here's all the actions supported by the flashlight's firmware:
Turn on/off: Single press (rear switch). Mode cycle: Single press (side switch) ( Low > Mid > High > Turbo > Low > ...) Strobe: Long press (side switch)
Mode memory is present. Low Voltage Warning and Low Voltage Protection is also present. The flashlight will flash 3 times whenever the battery gets low. I measured the cutoff voltage at 2.8V
Output Here's my output measurements along with the respective current craw per each output level.
The Cyansky K6 push more than 1500 lumens at Turbo. The manufacturer's specifications seem to be pretty accurate. Mode spacing is excellent!
Power Regulation Here's a power regulation graph that I've created for the K6.
What we can see in the graph:
  • Turbo's current draw is proportionate to the input voltage
  • High is fully regulated up down to 3.3V
  • Medium and Low are fully regulated for the whole span of the battery's voltage.
  • Turbo and High will stepdown to Medium once the battery's voltage < 3.3V
  • Medium will stepdown to Low once the battery's voltage < 3.1V
Outdoor beamshots
And here's a few outdoor beamshots.

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2021.09.26 20:36 yigitemres Question About Source Code Block

Let's say that I want to create following source code:

#+BEGIN_SRC sh cat ./file_doesnt_exist.txt #+end_src 
When I execute this block, sh try to 'cat ./file_doesnt_exist.txt'. But this method needs existing text file in the working folder. But I don't want that. Instead of this I want to something like this:
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :var file_doesnt_exist.txt="This is context." cat ./file_doesnt_exist.txt #+end_src #+RESULTS: This is context. 
How can I achieve this kind of behaviour in org-mode?
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2021.09.26 20:36 Just_Anxiety What is the most blinged-out deck you’ve ever run?

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2021.09.26 20:36 AtrociousKO_1642 New painting video

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2021.09.26 20:36 heinaga1989 CyberCake Pre Sale 30th september! join their AMA today , fully audited, doxxed ceo

CYBER CAKE's goal is the be the premium NFT marketplace for Cyber Punks and other mainstream NFT's. While also being the next evolution yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain.
It's main purpose is the be the premium NFT Marketplace. Where you can buy Cyber punks and other NFT's using $CYBERCAKE token.
In addition to being a NFT Marketplace, $CyberCake also rewards investors while holding $CYBERCAKE token, investors will receive 20% of every transaction into $CAKE token.
Which makes CYBER CAKE one of the Highest Yield generating Token and very attractive to investors.
$CYBERCAKE rewards investors automatically every 60 minutes. Meaning there is no need to claim in any website to receive your $CAKE rewards. $Cake token will go directly straight into your wallet every 60 minutes.

  1. CyberCake aims to be the next generation "Highest Yield Generating
NFT Marketplace"
  1. Earn 20% of every transaction in $Cake Token.
  2. You don’t need to claim your earned CAKE. It’s automatically sent to your wallet every 60 minutes.
  3. Aside from being the highest yield generating NFT Marketplace. CyberCake will launch the following:
- CyberCake Credit Card
- Gacha Game ( Play to Earn )
- CyberCake Merchandise
- Billboard at major cities
- CyberCake Wallet
  1. CyberCake is Fully Audited and KYC Verified
  2. Ownership will be renounced after launch
20% of all transactions will be redistributed to all holders in $CAKE
💯 Renounced Ownership after Launch
🛡Full Audited and KYC Verified 🛡
📄 Fully Audited by: Rug Detectives
Website: https://cybercake.cc/
Telegram: https://t.me/CyberCakeCC
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2021.09.26 20:36 Short_Speech_317 Mega houndoom raid 7070 5661 4296

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2021.09.26 20:36 AbShpongled Oh god, these poor meeseeks were stuck inside the menagerie without a task to fulfill

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2021.09.26 20:36 raewrite Old school

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2021.09.26 20:36 Mistressedlady 20[F4M] Live show to fullfill your fantasy s^n^p:(mara_sawyer89 😘)

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2021.09.26 20:36 theRubyGauntl3t Saw a few people posting about this a couple months ago, so here’s my funko pop collection!

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2021.09.26 20:36 las_facepalmas B.A.N.G.E.R. NF - The Results!

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2021.09.26 20:36 Ralph-Voges Anything on her?

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2021.09.26 20:36 Atlas37 Tinfoil hat theory about Dalinar

Dalinar, somehow, will become the culmination of Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. He will become Unity.
Dalinar is the only individual in the series to be influenced by all three of the Shards on Roshar. Odium during his days fighting for his beothers kingdom, Clutivation when he sought to rid himself of those memories, which lead him down the path of Honor and even bonding with Honors own cognitive shadow. And let's not forget Honors constant words to him in the visions, "unite them."
Also what has been Dalinars only constant throughout his life? His desire to unite. First the Alethi kingdoms into a unified Alethcar through war, then through diplomacy. Then he tried to unite the Knights Radiant, then the nation's of the world, then he united the spiritual, cognitive, and physical relms. More recently he is trying to unite the heralds and I believe he will ultimately unite humans and singers.
He has been set up to become the embodiment of unity and I think he is already there, now he just needs the shard. What will this mean for the future? Well I personally believe as Unity Dalinar will reform Adonalsium or at least attempt to. This is what will lead to war between the planets and shards.
Thank you for reading my ramblings.
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