SPD vs. Die Linke (English: The Left) platforms

2021.09.26 20:23 192747585939 SPD vs. Die Linke (English: The Left) platforms

Hi all! I’m learning about German politics. Can any German help me understand the practical differences in the parties and supporters? I know that Die Linke doesn’t have nearly as much support as SPD. I’m more focused on the actual ideas and people involved in each. Thanks!
(I studied German intensively for a year and a half at Uni but that was ages ago; I’m now only good for ordering food or drinks in Berlin. I’m still going to try my hand at writing the above in German without aid. Feel free to correct me/let me know how much I’ve forgotten, lol.)
Hallo! Ich lerne über deutsche Politik. Können ein Deutscher hilf mir mit den Unterschied zwischen die SPD und die Linke? Ich interessiere mich mit die Leute und die Ideen von jedem. Ich weiß dass die SPD ist großer. Danke!
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2021.09.26 20:23 Canadas_Best_Export Morning kisses and preening🥰

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2021.09.26 20:23 dgk720 Is putting blackberries through primary fermentation a bad idea?

We just bought 2.2 pounds of blackberries to make a hydromel with a 1 gallon yield. After reviewing the reddit recipe, we realize that they recommend blackberries to be added only in secondary.
By now we realize primary can draw out unusual flavors from various fruits, so we wanted to know if blackberries in primary fermentation is a bad idea.
Note: we will use 2 pounds of honey for the one gallon. 1.5lbs in primary, 0.5lbs in back sweetening.
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2021.09.26 20:23 Introvert-3 Who can I pick up from? Y’all b actin scared to make money😂

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2021.09.26 20:23 torgoxwe CHOPPER INU - ERC20 token with saitama and luffy vibes! ✅Launched 48 hours ago, $2.8 million diluted Marketcap, Chopper Inu is here to take over the anime season 🔥, 100x potential 🚀

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2021.09.26 20:23 liberty_or_d3ath Separation? Is this even tf?

lurk here often...first post...need some feedback. Long story short...i met my tf in summer of 2019. I didnt know what tf was until a little over a year after that when our "separation" began. The beginning was the same as i see it described on here. The separation drew me to find the tf concept, which i never knew about beforehand. The separation trigged an immense spiritual awakening in me as well as an intense identification of my internal pains and traumas (abandonment, trust issues etc). My awakening was triggered in autumn of 2020 when she decided we needed a "break". The problem with this was we never actually had a physical break. She (dm) and i (df) could not stay away from each other. Since autumn of 2020 we have been doing this. Since then...about every 3 months its like we go right back to where we were at the start of separation. The issues that continue to arise are her lack of commitment to me, her not knowimg if i am "the one" (she says she "thinks" i am but is unsure). Her reasoning is a combination of childhood trauma, lack of forgiveness for my past mistakes (no cheating, sneaky behavior, i was very depressed during lockdowns and it caused me to fear commitment to her, i now know the meaning of all of that since awakening). Most recently....we have been doimg fine, casual discussions about our future and so on. I have really been thinking we are reaching union until BAM. 1 day about 3 weeks ago she just starts asking me questions....am i happy..do i love her? Why do i love her? So i answered them. Things were fine for another week or so. This past Monday i went to talk to her...i said to her that we have been in this "weird" spot for a year and you still question us. According to her it is due to her trauma mainly, but still more forgiveness to me. What didnt make sense to me is that almost a whole year later you are still asking yourself the same things? So i proposed a question to her. I asked her....is the fact that you and i still spend time together holding you back from healing what needs to be healed in order for us to stay together? She says " i dont know", which has been a very common response for her over this last year lol. So, being in a loving and empathetic state of mind...and also feeling really defeated...i told her, lets take the break. The second i get home she texts me and says she doesnt want the break. So...i give in, because naturally, neither do i. So throughout the week things were fine. Friday....i get an overwhelming feeling that i need to question "us" again...idky, cant explain it, i just asked. I asked her if i am the love of her life...she responded by saying, "i domt know, i think so, but i also really dont know what love is" citing her childhood trauma as the main reason. Well....this sent me into a tailspin. It hurt...bad...because she is the love of my life and i have a strong knowimg of this. After she said this...i got angry and emotional....straight up ignored her the whole day. Later that evening i knew i couldnt just ignore her....so i texted her and said..."my phone died"....she obviously didnt buy it and then ignored me all saturday. Today, we have a talk. Doesnt end well. She says that due to my behavior she now thinks its impossible for her to heal with me being around and us having a romantic relationship together. Now im right back into that pit of darkness that i know many df' s feel. So....tldr....is this seperation even though it isnt physical? Can she really not heal unless the seperation is also physical? Im also questioning whether or not this is a tf relationship at all. A part of me feels like i am trying to love somone more than they love me. Im lost and getting really tired on this "journey". Thanks all!!
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2021.09.26 20:23 country_boy_at_heart I got this for $60 yesterday when Home Depot honoured a pricing error. New to Leatherman. Is this a decent model?

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2021.09.26 20:23 michaelmotorcycle92 Found this old wooden perch bait in a tackle box I got for free, a MarlingBaits restoration challenge would be cool if he's interested. I'm in Iowa so it wouldn't cost much to send it to him.

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2021.09.26 20:23 theOldCynic Top 10 Defense Heroes, plus E&P roundup

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2021.09.26 20:23 Hotrod369132 Lindsey Graham Says He Hopes ‘President Trump Runs Again’

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2021.09.26 20:23 blazin_gt5 Azelf! Raid! 7030 4574 8399

Can add 5+! Please be online. Thanks!
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2021.09.26 20:23 feet_hands Planet Hopping Sci-Fi Book?

I've been trying to find some science fiction that deals heavily in planetary exploration, with multiple settings on different planets throughout. I thought that this must be a very popular genre, but apparently the idea of "planet hopping exploration" is something that I havent seen much outside of things like Star Trek.
Fair warning, I'm not too well read in science fiction, honestly the only things I can list to show my tastes are Dune, Hyperion, and Snow Crash, though I doubt Snow Crash is very relevant to this topic.
I realize this kind of narrative might lend itself more to the pulpier science fiction, but honestly maybe that's just what I'm looking for. One friend of mine suggested some of Alastair Reynolds' stuff, but his body of work is honestly pretty daunting. Other suggestions I've gathered are things like the Expanse, but I tried the Amazon series once and couldn't get into it. Should I give it another go? Am I on the right track with these suggestions or do you guys have better ones?
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2021.09.26 20:23 NateTheMate1 Going to get Liara but there's lots of Geth and Death | Mass Legendary Edition Lets Play EP:4

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2021.09.26 20:23 KODEZICK Again, whAHAaaaHat????

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2021.09.26 20:23 ctc_celtic Made me sad

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2021.09.26 20:23 8d5db9f4 The Bell Family. A 'family' checks-in to a motel that are beyond abnormal.

First heard about this on the Cryptonaut Podcast and thought this was the funniest goddamn thing I've ever heard.
Text comes from https://www.thinkaboutitdocs.com/1970-aliens-vacation-at-a-motel-in-saint-louis/
In a suburb of Saint-Louis, Missouri, USA, on May 15, 1970, Dorothy Simson was doing her work at her motel desk, as usual, examining billing documents, when she heard what she described as a “whistling sigh.”
She looked up and saw that four people were standing in front of her desk. They were not normal people. They very very tiny, and looked strikingly alike, as if they were the members of the same family. There was a man, a woman, a boy, a girl. They all looked young, and the “children” was almost as tall as the “parents.” But they were all so tiny that the just reach the desk.
Dorothy saw that they all looked expensively dressed. The males were in tailored suits, the females in pastel peach dresses. Their hair did not look real, to the point that Simpson thought that they were wearing wigs. the little people were wide at eye level with their faces thinning abruptly to their chins. The eyes were large, dark and slightly slanted. The noses had practically no bridges, two slits for nostrils, and the mouths were tiny and lipless, no wider than their nostrils. All were pale skinned, with color descriptions varying from pearl to pale pink to light grey.
In a high pitched voice, the man said:
“Do you have a room to stay? Do you have a room to stay?”
Dorothy Simpson said so, and told him the price, but the man did not seem to understand what she had said, and he turned to the female as if she could help him understand, but she said nothing. There was an uncomfortable period of silence, and finally the man reached into his pocket and took out a pile of banknotes, some of large value, and handed them to Dorothy Simson.
Simson noticed that the banknotes were very crisp, to the point that she suspected that they were counterfeit, but a quick informal testing suggested they were authentic.
So, she took two twenty-dollar bills, covering a stay for the strange family, and gave back the rest. She asked the man to sign up the room reservation form, but the man was so small that he could not reach the form on the desk, and Simpson did it for him. The man declared that his name was “A. Bell.”
He stepped forward, so Simpson had a better look at his face and realized how strange it was.
Simpson asked:
“Where are you from?”
The little man’s answer was odd. He shot an arm upward, pointing at the sky, and said:
“We come from up there. Up there.”
But the woman pushed his arm down, and spoke for the first time, saying that they were from Hammond, Indiana. She gave a street address.
The man then signed the register, but so awkwardly that Simpson thought that he did not seem to now how to use a pen.
Then, the woman asked where they could eat, so Dorothy Simpson indicated the direction of the motel’s restaurant and the little family went there.
In the course of events, several members of the motel personal became aware of the weirdness of the tiny “family.” The motel manager insisted to Dorothy Simon that she checks the Indiana address the woman gave, and it appeared that both the name and the address were bogus.
While the weird four were at the motel’s restaurant, the bellhop came over to store their luggage. He checked the parking lot to find a car with an Indiana license plate, but there was none.
The hostess who led the strange family to a restaurant table noticed that the chin of even the adults just reached the top of the table.
The little man read the menu aloud and kept asking odd questions about where milk, vegetables, and other common food come from.
The woman ordered peas and milk for herself and the children, and peas, a small steak, and water for the man. Their manner of eating was weird: each picked up a single pea with a knife, brought it to his or her tiny mouth, and inhaled it with a sucking sound. The father was unable to get even a small piece of steak through his mouth that was just a slit. They stopped eating all at the same time, and the man gave a 20$ bill to the waitress, who went to get change. But when she returned, they were all gone.
They where then found by the bellhop, who retrieved their luggage and stepped into the elevator to lead them to their room. But when the elevator door opened, the small family stepped back, showing fright and confusion. The bellhop had to reassure them that there was no danger in stepping in an elevator.
After letting them into the room, he turned on the lights, and the man suddenly began shouting at him that the light would hurt the children’s eyes. The bellhop himself was now frightened by the small people and fled without waiting for a tip.
The bellhop, the manager, and Dorothy Simpson agreed that they would watch for the little people’s departure next morning, but they could not see them again, although the front door was the only door they could pass through without setting off a security alarm. The alarms were checked, and were in good order.
The case became known by a ufologist of the UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis, who informed ufologist John E. Schroeder of incident soon after it happened. John Schroeder came to interview the five motel employees who had dealt with the tiny people, and he found them all sincerely bewildered by the weirdness of the events.
Schroeder noted the description the motel personal gave: the little people were wide at eye level with their faces thinning abruptly to their chins. The eyes were large, dark and slightly slanted. The noses had practically no bridges, two slits for nostrils, and the mouths were tiny and lipless, no wider than their nostrils. All were pale skinned, with color descriptions varying from pearl to pale pink to light grey.
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2021.09.26 20:23 IntentionOk2505 (obscure Question) any nier themed decorations?

In looking for small things to decorate around a room and my desk, anybody know a good place to buy something like this?
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2021.09.26 20:23 Hotrod369132 Kamala Harris Hires Two New Staffers, One Related To Jen Psaki

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2021.09.26 20:23 Markasaurius How much do you feel obligated to tip for a take out order?

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2021.09.26 20:23 DankDude6T9 There are no accidents

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2021.09.26 20:23 FlyingTurtle4790 What's your position on blood?

View Poll
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2021.09.26 20:23 AcemanCW 2-2 daily gift

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2021.09.26 20:23 ye2435 Anyone happen to have gotten their masters in Cancer Care Informatics?

Either from here (KHCC/JU) or abroad
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