I only need these Icons to complete my collection! Do anyone have them?

2021.09.26 20:46 Pel_men1233 I only need these Icons to complete my collection! Do anyone have them?

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2021.09.26 20:46 underground-lemur The most beautiful ring on the most beautiful day

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2021.09.26 20:46 Siddeshthapa me_irl

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2021.09.26 20:46 twinkletoeswwr Season 1: Bill vs Sam

I just finished season 1 for the second time, the first was when it first came out. I remember thinking Bill was the clear winner before but now Sam is by far Sookie’s # 1 contender. It probably has to do with who I am now vs over 10 years ago when I was single and partying, now I’m married with a child. Sam is way hotter than I remembered and just all around a great person/shifter. Bill has put Sookie is so much danger and is trouble, despite the obvious chemistry they have. I guess for a vampire Bill is fairly nice but I just want to see Sookie settled and safe with Sam. Of course that would make the show boring, and wouldn’t follow the books. I clearly have a crush on first season Sam. Damn this is a good show!
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2021.09.26 20:46 GiraffeOnABicycle MUF Skåne vill legalisera cannbis

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2021.09.26 20:46 Styelsy Feeling like a 90's mobster

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2021.09.26 20:46 goooseJuice [Finlay] Scherff is cleared - got wind knocked out - should be back in 2nd half

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2021.09.26 20:46 AppointmentEast4919 What is your favorite breed of apple?

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2021.09.26 20:46 Thewableshoe I'm making an adventure pack called fabled adventures any good mods that I could add?

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2021.09.26 20:46 previous-ad12738 What the Trevor Project is all about?

Long story short, since my parents (mainly my father) found out that I'm gay they treat me like shit, I'm not allowed to leave the house (except for school) not allowed to enroll in extracurricular activities and my father lashes out/beats me every fucking day. But I'm still scared to leave. I've nowhere to gogo, I don't know it creeps me out. People told me to contact the Trevor project but I don't know, it seems to be a hotline to call when you're depressed or something. Can they do more?
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2021.09.26 20:46 TheDailyNick Max Thunderman's Most Savage Moments 😈 The Thundermans

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2021.09.26 20:46 nbelle78 Bang #32 Purple Kiddles is definitely in my top 5

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2021.09.26 20:46 HamstersAreBiblical I only seem to fall in love with people on internet.

I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this, but it seems like the only people I feel butterflies with are the ones I meet on video games or social media. I’m not talking about fantasizing about a celebrity, but just everyday people like me. I’ve tried talking to and dating people in my hometown, but I just never feel a strong connection. However, the people who live halfway across the US or even the world are the ones who catch my heart. It’s not a bad thing, just frustrating more than anything. Anyone else feel something similar?
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2021.09.26 20:46 Raghav-_- My fav diamond as my first🤩in just 4 packs

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2021.09.26 20:46 eagle3546 what dose of HCG do you take with your TRT?

Currently at 700 iu/week. Wondering if I would benefit from more after reading studies done with 500EOD. What do you guys take and how would you compare it to previous doses as well?
I take 140mg test/week split into every day injections.

thank you
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2021.09.26 20:46 PinchOfCitrus I faltered and fell, but I am back

Good Afternoon everyone,
On December 29, 2019 I started the commitment to stop drinking and did well for 5 months, then a rash of stress, anxiety, and depression drove me back to the devil I knew.
I tried again and did well for 60 days on the 63rd day I lost all control from the same devils, this time while on my anxiety and depression medicine.
Today I am 15 days sober, started an increase of my medicine.
Friends of stopdrinking, I will not drink with you today and hope that you will all welcome me back to the community.
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2021.09.26 20:46 DarthAglen Crypto Made Easy - Divi Project

Divi Project was created with the goal to accelerate the adoption of digital currency. They were created with the purpose of having a cheap, fast and safe cryptocurrency. They make crypto fun and easy for new investors. Their nodes take only 1 click to setup and you require no knowladge to do so. They're listed on a few popular exchanges like Bitmax and KuCoin. You can find more info on their website: https://diviproject.org/
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2021.09.26 20:46 a_pescariu 2005 Z4 2.5i (M54) Proper Coolant Bleeding Procedure?

Hi all, title says most of it.
Yesterday I replaced the radiator, expansion tank and radiator hoses on my 2005 Z4.
I then added coolant and here’s my procedure as I did it.
I opened the bleeder screw and topped up the tank until coolant ran out of the top of the bleeder. I THEN turned the car on with the heater on full blast and all seemed well, no overheating and the temp needle was in the middle. Today however, I went out and checked the coolant level, and it was quite low. As far as I know, there were no leak spots and don’t have symptoms of a bad head gasket.
I realize now that I probably didn’t bleed the cooling system properly. What is the correct method for me to do this?
Thanks all.
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2021.09.26 20:46 Shoddy-Top-8773 Should I buy a hard tail or go all in on a full suspension?

Newbie here. My thought is if I buy a hard tail and ride it for a few seasons on local trails, I could rent full suspensions for bigger trips to see what I like. The other part of me thinks why waste $800+ on a hard tail if I’ll eventually make the switch. Just wanted to know what others experiences are and how you guys got into the sport.
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2021.09.26 20:46 Smkrin95 😉

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2021.09.26 20:46 c_rummel LPT: When storing spatulas in drawers put them “face down” to lessen the chance that they keep the drawer from opening.

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2021.09.26 20:46 randombrownmale what is the fact you wish you knew at the starting of your career?

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2021.09.26 20:46 Tzenesh Cold Mastery breaking Immunity?

So...my Frozen Orb is dealing damage to the Cold Immune Harpies in Act 5 - Crystalline Passage. I was playing Solo NM without a Merc. Does Cold Mastery break immunity? It's been a while since I've played but, I don't remember anything besides Lower Resist, Conviction, Amplify Damage, & Decrepify being able to break any immunities. Am I missing something?
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2021.09.26 20:46 FrontpageWatch2020 [#257|+2229|52] This comment is gold [r/SCP]

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2021.09.26 20:46 Hellvis_50s Van Brothers - Servant of Love

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