Ngl I don’t like Mexican food either. Wade your not along

2021.09.26 21:27 King-Bananana Ngl I don’t like Mexican food either. Wade your not along

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2021.09.26 21:27 trees-for-breakfast Where can I get a pint of Tennant’s in Cambridge?

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2021.09.26 21:27 CrypticViper_ Looking for a list of classes starting later this semester

I'm looking for classes that will start later into the semester (e.g. EDCP108I starts Oct 25 and ends Dec 11), but I can't seem to find a list or anything with only classes like that. Is there some resource I could look at?
(And yes, it’s possible to register for classes after the drop/add period. I registered for EDCP108I and CHSE338P halfway through last semester.)
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2021.09.26 21:27 No_Variation_469 chance me for bu so i can finally sleep peacefully

Female & Hispanic & First Generation, low income
Hooks - Disadvantaged background
Major: Business Administration
GPA: unweighted: 3.7 weighted. 4.3 Class Rank top 4% SAT Test optional
AP Classes:
world history, american history, psychology, stats, american gov, lit, lang
Dual Enrollment
ap u.s. history, heritage spanish IV honors, personal finance honors, ap gov, heritage spanish V honors
ALSO: Got one C+ sophomore year in Algebra II (learning math is hard enough without having to learn it over a computer)
National Honor Society, high honor roll (aiming to earn seal of biliteracy this year)
Choir (putting on wintespring shows, caroling)
Library Helper
Founder of Crochet Club (giving back to community by donating blankets that get made by the club)
Library Helper
Varsity Tennis
Science Club (attending national competitions)
Recycling Club
Yearbook Club
Homeroom Representative
Employment Company representative, promotion squad
Graphic design/Communication Paid Courses
Babysitting since 8th grade (My parent works 3 jobs all day and I’m required to stay at home with my siblings, making lunch and dinner, helping with homework, etc.)
Note: I intend to explain that I have not been able to do more community service of extracurriculars due to family responsibilities and lack of transportation. I’ve also shown demonstrated interest through campus visits and signing up for virtual meetings specifically for BUs business school.
pls recommend other schools that may be a good fit for me as well but BU is my top choice rn
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2021.09.26 21:27 Chimo_lad Any good pre-lesson icebreakers?

See title.
I'm actually a Canadian but I'm tired of hearing the same old jokes being cracked by instructors before they begin their lessons. I'm about to begin teaching a basic course (BMQ) and would love to know some good icebreakers (questions, jokes etc) you guys like to use to loosen up your class.
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2021.09.26 21:27 Nexollo Game keeps lagging

Something happened where all of the sudden when I’m playing I’ve began getting major lag spikes. I will be running then suddenly I’m where I was 10 seconds ago and everyone else is past me.
I’ve tried updating my nvidia drivers and my pc but I can’t figure out why it’s doing this?
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2021.09.26 21:27 Amazing-Card2647 [DS3][PS4] Help with demon prince fight

Help with demon prince fight, meet at within the earthen peak bonfire. Password is DemonPrince
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2021.09.26 21:27 astroneli Armchair and lamp - vector - 2d assets

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2021.09.26 21:27 Dependent_Method_446 : [ravedj]

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2021.09.26 21:27 kkalinaaaa want to start commissions but i dont feel worthy

looking for a job is so hard right now and I'm desperate. I've thought about doing commissions for so long now but I feel like my art is not worth a penny. I'm very hesitant about showing my art so I don't think that's a good start. I've been drawing all my life but I feel like my art is nothing compared to what I see of others, I've been doing it for so long but feel like its worth nothing like others my age (16). I'm doing digital for about a year and I've worked and practised so hard to master it like anatomy I've got the hang of it but still need some work, I did art GCSES and I was told my art isn't great which is horrifying to hear coming out with a C* after putting my heart and soul into them and then classmates with half the care or effort coming out with A*, since then my relationship with my art is so hard and its so devastating I cant look at any of my art without being reminded of that class.
I feel like art isn't unique as it making it special to sell and in my eyes doesn't look great. I would love nothing more if my art made one person happy in the world and id love doing commissions but I'm in such a place that I don't know what to do I need guidance from fellow artists if I can even call myself one. I feel like I have no one to turn to.
thank you so much and please any help would mean everything to me
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2021.09.26 21:27 something__dark_side Creating an LLC to bet on FanDuel or DraftKings

I recently looked up the way the IRS taxes gambling winnings and it’s pretty ridiculous and backwards imho. Essentially you get taxed for your winnings + the wager being returned:
So if you put 20 on a horse race and won 600, you’d actually be taxed on the 620 (this is ridiculous in my opinion). And unless you itemize your deductions you can’t subtract or deduct your losses.
So I was wondering if anyone has tried to create an LLC to bet on one of the online app based Sportsbooks with any success?
Alternatively you apparently can try to file taxes as a “professional gambler” but it seems like you’re unable to work another job, especially not a full time job in addition to that, and it also seems like you are opening yourself up to an audit. I figured with an LLC you could treat it as a business and only be taxes on the true net income…
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2021.09.26 21:27 DangerBay1 This is ridiculous. No volume adjustment in the cloud player. Get on this. You're Amazon and Audible was founded in 1995, it's now the year 2021. Add a darn volume slider to the cloud player now please.

This is ridiculous. No volume adjustment in the cloud player. Get on this. You're Amazon and Audible was founded in 1995, it's now the year 2021. Add a darn volume slider to the cloud player now please.
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2021.09.26 21:27 emperoroleary my server got raided by these bots, they were all insta killing me with frag when i spawned, anyone else got this issue? (server back to normal now)

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2021.09.26 21:27 ThiccTomboys4Life My favorite trio

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2021.09.26 21:27 LittoPuppy Can someone tell me if there is a likely chance that the cancer/neoplasm formation in a family is due to genetic mutation?

So, I was supposed to do a case study on a family with nearly all of the members having cancer or benign tumors. The first generation did not have any signs and lived a fairly healthy life. The second generation, consisting of two daughters, suffered from throat and uterine cancer. They had a regular habit of consuming deep fried red meat (beef/lamb), almost daily. Both daughters developed cancer after menopause.
The third generation consists of a son from second daughter (2) and two children, a male and female from the first daughter (1). The son died from throat cancer (exactly like his mother) at the young age of 35. Out of the two kids of the first daughter, the female child developed stomach cancer and died from it. She too had a regular habit of consuming deep fried red meat. The son who developed cancer was also alcoholic.

In the fourth generation, only one daughter from the male child of the first daughter suffers from benign tumor formation in various parts of her reproductive system (breast, ovaries, and uterus). She had a habit of consuming fried eggs at least twice everyday in her childhood.

Could there be a genetic link to it, other than the obvious lifestyle implications?

I will be extremely glad if someone can help me out with this. Thank you.
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2021.09.26 21:27 SeeTheSeaInUDP 13._새로은 노트북!

오늘은 저는 제 아빠랑 새 노트북을 샀어요. 우리는 쇼핑몰에 있는 전자제품 가게에 갔어요. 내가 선택할 수 없어서, 직원에게 물었어요. 그 직원은 노트북 한 대를 추천했러요. 저도 아빠도 좋아서 샀어요. 전혀 싸지 않아서 아빠에게 잘 돌볼다라고 약속했어요.
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2021.09.26 21:27 poluza112 Heloise Hut and Ashley Belk

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2021.09.26 21:27 DaBobby5217 LF: Dada Zarude FT: Normal Zarude, Diance, Volcanion, Marshadow

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2021.09.26 21:27 Gooblorshk blursed crafting (Not sure whether to post this here or on r/blursed_images)

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2021.09.26 21:27 iammak2020 Bodyweight exercises are important for improving posture, that's why I have created a list of Knee Push-Ups For Beginners - Knee push-ups are the easiest and the safest way to strengthen and tone upper body muscles such as the chest, arms, shoulder, and core for beginners.
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2021.09.26 21:27 aliengirl1717 Can I use my middle name on job applications in replace of my first name?

I'm a black women with a very black name, and I've come to notice that when my latina friend and I apply for the same jobs she'll always get it or at least an interview, while I won't because she has a white sounding name.. it's very frustrating. I can't confirm that it's because of racism, but it's happend too many times now for it to just be a coincidence.
So can I put my middle name as my first name on job applications? Or is that illgeal? I'm not sure.
Help please.
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2021.09.26 21:27 Adept-Locksmith2911 Shouldn’t taking carts home from the store be considered theft?

I live in the area just north of Barnes &Noble, Petco, Aldis etc and I’m always seeing people pushing carts from Target, Hornbauchers and Walmart, full of bags, to their homes. They’re technically stealing from the property. When they’re done with them they leave them in the yards of the apt complexes or on sidewalks making her place look trashy. Maybe not the most pressing matter in Fargo area but dang, carry your shit home. It’s no so much the theft of the carts but more about how they leave them wherever.
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2021.09.26 21:27 tbrooks9 Use Galaxy Watch4 as mouse/TouchPad for phone.

Is there an app like Air Mouse or Wear Mouse to control your phone with the Galaxy Watch 4? It says they aren't compatible.
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2021.09.26 21:27 Tandizojere My latest marker drawing

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2021.09.26 21:27 ZeraX7 The irony of Lebanon is that it has hundreds of religions but almost nobody in this country even fears God

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