Hoping someone can answer this!

2021.10.22 01:17 Browne_Syndrome Hoping someone can answer this!

Hi All just a question!
If I could get 2 older model evolve boards with single engines but missing batteries, what would I need to Frankenstein both boards into one dual motor monster board (besides the batteries) I’m hoping to use as many original parts as possible including ESCs if possible!
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2021.10.22 01:17 Navodaya-Times किसान आंदोलनः मुर्गा फ्री में न देने पर निहंग ने मजदूर की टांग तोड़ी

किसान आंदोलनः मुर्गा फ्री में न देने पर निहंग ने मजदूर की टांग तोड़ी submitted by Navodaya-Times to navodayatimes_news [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 01:17 zarnt A White House official says Biden was “not announcing any change in our policy...” when he said the US would defend the island in the event of a Chinese attack

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2021.10.22 01:16 nefutrell Happiness is a sleeping baby

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2021.10.22 01:16 phycheupmob Little Nightmares AU I made, because i was bored

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2021.10.22 01:16 abyssalgear madnesstober day twenty one - mag madness

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2021.10.22 01:16 No-Poetry2261 cwanhng cweongh faker sguid gaym

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2021.10.22 01:16 Humble-Lemon-4347 I banged a cow in front of some Indians and they started beating me up. How do I infuriate them even more?

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2021.10.22 01:16 George_Costanza777 Nashville

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2021.10.22 01:16 PonyboysBlues Flashback to the first time I spent the night at my girlfriends we saw this on the way to get food.

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2021.10.22 01:16 Hassium789 Persona 5 Royal is the Reason I'm Still Alive Today.

(Warning this post is heavy and contains many mentions of suicidal intent and mental illness, but I tried to keep it light enough so hopefully, this post won't get removed.)
Yes, you read that title, right. I Started my Persona 5 Royal playthrough around April this year which is around the time I entered my worst depressive episode yet, I had been recovering from psychosis these past 2 years and I've endured incomprehensible suffering, and I wonder every day how my past self was able to endure that much suffering and I feel inexplicably grief for them.
I essentially become violently suicidal throughout this whole phase, I progressed from researching the best painless suicide method to choosing a jumping spot in the country to then writing my suicide note, and writing a document containing instructions for my funeral and cremation. Throughout all this, I was playing Persona 5 royal religiously every day, in hindsight an unhealthy amount. I was building such profound bonds with the gang, Joker, Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba (whose backstory literally mirrored mine as I had been a shut-in for the past 6 months only leaving my room for the bathroom.) Haru, Akechi, Kasumi, just typing out these names releases a floodgate of tears, unfiltered raw emotion. Each day the suicidal ideations became stronger, and it felt like I was being puppeteered by a suicidal demon entity that slowly kept growing in strength, it was bound to me like a dark persona, but they were persona user, not me.
By the time I had reached 80hrs into the game, I had already picked a suicide date, my note was perfected, and I had optimised my suicide method as I was fortunate enough to procure the euthanasia drug for $1000. Everything was set in place, yet I was still playing Persona 5 royal and enjoying the heck out. Even though I was at the lowest point in my life, I had never formed such intense parasocial relationships with fictional characters in my life before, I knew these characters didn't actually exist but that didn't matter because the bonds and feelings I felt were real anyway, who cares If the receiving end is just a talking drawing. Every real human we create bonds with are just approximations of what we think that person is, their identity, their personality is just abstractions which only exist in our minds, and let's say we have a guy Jake with multiple friends, everybody has a different view and mental image of Jake which are just approximations of the true Jake, each shaped by the friend's unique interactions and differing sensory interpretations of their interactions with him, and we can never know what the true Jake actually is, but that doesn't matter. (I hope I'm not being fake deep here :D)
The march of time seemed to slow to a near halt as the date was coming over the horizon, I hated this, I just wanted the pain to be over but I decided I would not expedite it, (probably in hindsight due to my subconscious wanting to play more of this game), even as my suffering was becoming ever more unbearable. A few days before the date came I stopped playing Persona 5 Royal as this strong emotional attachment to the game, I thought could potentially botch my plans, so I tried to suppress my love for the game.
The date finally came and I had taken my antiemetic, but when I finally grabbed the bottle in my hand. An explosion of memories pierced my mind like an impossible electric shock coming from a bottle with no charge or current, it was the extremely vivid and vibrant memories of my Persona 5 royal experience. All the confidant bonds. The hardships we overcame. The parties after each bittersweet victory. Weirdly I began to hear vaguely hear Last Surprise playing in my mind which slowly began to get louder and intense. I could feel an internal tug of war between the suicidal demon entity and the Persona 5 gang, Morgana, Joker, Ryuji, Ann, everybody was smiling and fighting this beast with everything they had, with an unfaltering resolve, just as they would in any typical palace mission, but this was my palace? and I guess they were fighting my distorted desire, the suicidality. After what seemed like hours, but in reality only lasted minutes, of this battle, the suicidal demon was essentially cornered, then the gang pulled one final all-out attack to send the beast hurtling into oblivion. (I know cringe). I burst into tears and hid away the bottle in my draw, I booted up persona 5 Royal and watched the masterpiece of an intro as I had so many times before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWWy7V9rCrA, and began playing the game. The suicidal ideations lessened but I now had a new goal I needed to finish this game before I end my life, this arbitrary goal might have seemed just like pointless procrastination, but I continued to play the game for weeks, after that.
During this time I built up the courage to tell my care coordinator about the whole suicidal fiasco, and to no one's surprise, I was quickly detained and sent to a psych ward, I hated every second of being there and I truly believe it didn't help me one bit but that's coming from someone who was clearly emotionally unstable and irrational so I guess my view doesn't mean much but it's still really how I felt. But what a humiliating experience it was, being stripped of my rights by the state and being forced to take horrible antipsychotic medication. However, I managed to sweet-talk my way out of there within 4 days, I would literally rehearse for hours in my room before each ward round, the most optimised strat to speedrun out of this hellhole as quickly as possible. I am only 20 and I am quite underweight also I'm basically a walking meat sack with crippling anxiety so as you can imagine this place terrified the hell out of me, what If I was assaulted or raped even, by these stronger and seemingly more volatile men then me, I was in a constant state of flight and fight mode. I tried to avoid everyone like the plague. But I did it, I secured an infiltration route out of the psych ward.
Now this may have sounded like a bad idea given the whole situation, and In hindsight, I believe so too, and to this day I don't know how the hell was I able to swindle the psychiatrists during the ward rounds. Lol, I might have used some emotional manipulation tactics, as I could tell right away the psych ward was of Arabic descent and so maybe me warming up to him by exchanging a conversation in Arabic had something to do with it, but who the heck knows. Anyways, all I was thinking about during my stay was that I wanted to go back and finish Persona 5 royal, and during these few weeks, I started edging closer and closer to choosing life over death. I also began cooperating better with my mental health team and began moving away from this giving up attitude, that constant drowning in misery and warming up the possibility of giving life a shot.
So more weeks went by and by this time I was close to finishing Persona 5 and I had pretty much ditched my suicide plan, deleted my notes, documents and basically ended up choosing life. Here I am sixth months later still alive and kicking, every day is a constant struggle filled with suffering and strife that I wouldn't wish on anybody, absolutely nobody, and yes I still struggle day to day with suicidal thoughts but I'm continuously winning each small battle against them, and I truly believe to this day that Persona 5 Royal was the reason or at least a major factor as to why I am still alive today.
I am very insecure, about my writing ability and I basically typed this trying while trying to navigate a river of tears blurring my monitor, so forgive me if it isn't very coherent. But I just wanted to share how impactful a simple entertainment medium such as a video game, Persona 5 in this case, can be to probably not just me but thousands of others. To conclude my review of the game I would say it's a pretty decent game, underrated gem, 10/10.

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2021.10.22 01:16 Accomplished-Oil2967 My sister is trying to get parents to put my childhood home in her name.

I (21F) have two older half sisters (34 moms bio kid & 27 dads bio kid). Recently, my mom decided that she was going to be paying off our house and making a will since she and my dad are getting older and wants to make sure if anything happens no body is going to fight over any assets. My two older sister have kids and are well onto their lives and I currently am finishing college. Apparently while my dad was over at my sister house (27F) she told him that he should put the house under her name since she recently started her family and that I will most likely never come back to live there. When I hear this information I was upset because that house is where I grew up since 12 and currently my home. Besides that my sister has always been a manipulator. Growing up when she came to America to live with us she would bully me and she had caused my dad a lot of heart ache. My dad is an amazing person and he is very kind. After years of her lies and manipulation, he still feels like he owes her everything because he feels guilt. So she uses that to her advantage. I don’t know what to do since she is my sister and my parents are big on family but I’m hurt she wants to take the only thing that I’ve considered home. What should I do?
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2021.10.22 01:16 DinkleWottom Message to loved ones I will never share

I'm sorry I don't reach out much. But I have anxiety issues. And it's bad. I have a friends list diverse in certain beliefs so think what you want. Call me weak. Tell me I can't handle life's challenges due to my own laziness and incompetence. It's alright. I get it. But it is what it is. The fact is that when life throws the ball in my court I freeze up instead of taking action. When I have an attack I feel like I'm going to die. Not only that, but I want to. I can't even take in words on a paper. Or in a text, no matter who sends it. So I'm sorry. It isn't you. I freak the fuck out, pacing between two small tasks only to eventually wind up roped between them immobilized, getting jack shit done. All the while neglecting to eat, clean, or shower. I can lubricate the experience with alcohol but my problems only wait me out on the other side. I can thicken the barrier with more drinks more frequently. But problems only age like fine wine. Patiently waiting for the day I'm again vulnerable to their teeth.
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2021.10.22 01:16 Specter6272 Rules for this year's costumes at highschool

I find it very interesting how my white teacher says it's racist to dress up as a culture for Halloween when the people of all colors in my classes are okay with it. It seems like more and more white people are trying to dictate what is and what isn't racist. Sombrero and poncho? Racist. Native American head band feather and poncho? Racist. However, I will say if you purposely paint your skin another color to look like a different race, there is definitely a problem with that. What are your thoughts on this, I don't see a problem with dressing like that.
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2021.10.22 01:16 BitchinBaristas 288**** The Siren has my heart no longer

TLDR: I quit. I liked the job, transferred to a store that was great but then got a really shitty gaslighting manager that caused me quit. I hope The Manager has no personal time for herself. Fuck the Siren. This company doesn't deserve anyone it gets.
I started working here at the beginning of the pandemic, freshly graduated from Uni and no other job offer in sight, I drank the kool aid/bean juice, thinking that it was the best company I could hope for. Unfortunately, due to my own self doubt about finding a career in my field, I paused on the career path I wanted.
It was crazy, exhausting, fun and heart breaking. I loved the challenge of learning what I thought was an exalted role in beverage crafting but ultimately was disappointed when I found out it was essentially nothing more than a reskinned version of fast food only with the added pressure of faking the chill friendly coffee house vibe coupled with keeping drive times at an all time low.
I will admit though, I saw it as a challenge and it was exhilarating. I truly felt like, after a while, that there wasn't an issue that could be thrown at us that we couldn't handle. As long as I had a good team, it was all so manageable.
But then, there was the big changes. I had to leave the old store I loved, and the people I had come to grow closer to throughout the pandemic.
And my new store was great! Everyone I met absolutely loved their job, it was a newly built place that was fresh and alive with opportunity to make it our own. A place that was truly created by the partners since day one. The contributions made felt like it actually made a difference in our lives and everyone who walked in.
An important note: Our actual manager was on extended leave due to health concerns, so we were mostly led by proxies, other than that we led the way on our own.
Every day I walked in, I was happy. I never knew what fun stuff we were going to do. We made posters with creative drink ideas for people to try, the community board was painted with the partners' faces and even the A-frames had been painted on in honor of pride month. We had rainbow streamers hanging everywhere and various pride flags hanging around our patio. We had fun jokes shared with customers and cute messages on the pastry bags. We also had plants with fun names on them, and wrote funny puns on the hand off plane glass. We even had much better versions of the csr cards that helped us stay on task and keep the store cleaned and organized.
It was a light airy place, all of us divided the jobs, and we conquered it for all it was worth.
But then, The Manager finally arrived.
We were extremely excited to see her, thinking that this was all going to be perfect, since everything else had been so perfect up to this point. She had individual meetings with us, and when it came to be my turn, I had a sneaking suspicion it was going to be the beginning of the end.
She was cold, impersonal, and quite frankly condescending. She talked about how the store looked like a gaudy disaster and that she was happy to be here to help clean it up and put it on the right track.
And over night, all of our hard work was undone. I watched her tear down the pride decorations, gather up the plants, and throw out our versions of the csr cards. She rearranged the whole store, and forced us to scrub away any personalization whatsoever, while telling us that the store looks so much better, saying something about "keeping it looking new".
The final straw for me was the community board. I watched the person who painted our faces on it, scrub it clean and scribble the manager's name on it. In a way, watching it was cruel, it was like the store had been completely stripped away from us and all we could do was watch.
Then again, that store was never truly ours.
The Manager bragged about how great she was at taking feedback, and let us know that she loves to have plenty of it. So we did, we protested the changes on how they didn't make sense, and that all the stuff she was throwing away had taken a lot of hard work. She only responded with how it wasn't Starbucks Standard and that it was her store and we will see that it will make sense in the end.
A lot of people didn't see to that end though, soon partners started dropping like flies. She gaslit a few, and refused transfers to all who were not happy there. When Uni and school started back up, plenty of partners were not able to show up due to her not adapting the schedule to mesh well with everyone's academic schedules. She increased hours for people who didn't consent, and slipped a few 12 hour shifts into my schedule.
When I discussed this with her, I was met with "It's the only way to give you the hours you want. And you also get to clock out for 1 hour as a break! :)" I warned her to never do that again without my consent. I think she didn't like it, afterwards, she cut my hours drastically, and then would call me to pick up shifts. She knew I needed those hours, and now I couldn't refuse. On top of all of this, she had placed me on clean play duty (which was fine... but then she would schedule me for peak the following day).
She started pandering to the church next to our store (which explained why she wanted to get rid of our pride décor) and it worked, we started to become that Starbucks all the mean church goers go to on sundays and on wednesdays. The tips were shit, and the entitlement had been higher than the fucking sky. We got yelled at, had drinks thrown at us for not being right, and my friends were called more than a few slurs.
The manager's response? Have us apologize and give them free drinks with recovery cards.
My mental health was tanking, I had become obsessed with finding a new job. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't just start crying, and the pain coupled with exhaustion from essentially pulling multiple double shifts had almost shattered me.
But now, I'm out. I have a job related to my field and I got to cause some mischief before I left.
Even after all the shit she put me through, I don't entirely wish her ill. I wish for her to be at that store for 80 hours a week. I wish for her to create an environment that prevents her from ever having personal time for herself because she will have to be there at all hours to put out whatever fires come up. I hope she learns, and grows, and changes, but not without some heartache.
And that is my story. I hope you all get out of here soon, and I hope you all maintain your self worth/confidence and your boundaries, because by god if you don't, this job will trample all over that. And if there is a time that this place is making you feel like you are anything less, please lean on your friends and the resources, and if that doesn't help, I hope you find yourself in a position to let this place go.
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2021.10.22 01:16 MrArmenian Based In and Out.

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2021.10.22 01:16 Mr_Tipster-95 Cheapest place to buy fm22?

Okay, I’m giving into temptation. Where is the cheapest place to buy fm from? I seen shopto is apparently the cheapest? Will I have issues purchasing from them due to my region? (Australia)
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2021.10.22 01:16 SultanMusic-10 وي غيري تخلص الليل وانه ابابك متاني

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2021.10.22 01:16 CarbonZro "Decarbonization"​ - It becomes reality when we invest together!

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2021.10.22 01:16 vedicmathschool Abacus mathematics

Abacus mathematics An abacus is a tool that was used for calculation. It has a frame with rows of grooves or wires or rods with beads in it, which will slide. In ancient times, in countries like China and Russia, Abacus was used even before the number system was introduced. No one knows how the abacus was invented or which country was the first founder of the abacus.

The abacus is made up of the number of rows made of movable beads. These beads represent digits. Using an abacus you can perform all the basic arithmetic operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, finding out of Square, Square Roots, Cubes, and Cube Roots. read more
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2021.10.22 01:16 hoople-head Made it halfway through Dune, but ended up watching this schlockfest instead. I blame TCGTE.

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2021.10.22 01:16 Ornery-Plan-6632 🏆 Enter to WIN $2,500💰| 🏝CISLA🏝 Listing on LBank 🏦 FRIDAY October 22, 2021. Buy $250 in CISLA and be entered to win $2,500 🤑

🏆 Enter to WIN $2,500💰| 🏝CISLA🏝 Listing on LBank 🏦 FRIDAY October 22, 2021. Buy $250 in CISLA and be entered to win $2,500 🤑 submitted by Ornery-Plan-6632 to CryptoMoonCoins [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 01:16 bcarribou Kick ass show in Columbia, SC.

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2021.10.22 01:16 Right_Drive_9862 Anyone got a spare key?

Trying to play with some friends I requested the game yesterday they all got in but me and now they're not letting new people in :( Sorry to ask not sure how else to get in besides streams and hasn't worked yet.
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