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Since his name will be on everyone’s lips tomorrow, I figured I’d date my Alan “V”Angels before his match with Bryan Danielson tonight! It’s gonna be a banger for sure!

2021.12.01 19:00 OmegamanX44 Since his name will be on everyone’s lips tomorrow, I figured I’d date my Alan “V”Angels before his match with Bryan Danielson tonight! It’s gonna be a banger for sure!

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2021.12.01 19:00 Elmariajin Since it's December otherwise known as k-pop Year end award show season, What are your favourite award show moments from the past?

Let me get to it, Award shows are my guilty pleasure. In K-pop, it's just pleasure. I love to watch the grand scale of performances throughout the year. I'm always amazed especially how idols are probably burnt out by the end of the season but still give energetic performances. While I loved last years recorded performances, I also miss seeing whole of the idol industry sitting together like a family and watching performances. (guilty of watching reaction videos too but that's probably why idols don't react that much these days) my favourite past performances have been from Mama - G-Dragon, 2NE1 hyping the crowd, Chungha, Sunmi and Taemin, Jackson and Jessi, BTS vs BAP, Ateez's debut at Mama 2019 and BTS reaction to the BST remix, Ateez Skz TBZ together, Hwasa's performance in that Red costume and at GDA 2019 which is one of my favourites, that one time Solar pulled off pole damce move, Jackson's hilarious reactions, BTS's large scale productions of ON, Black Swan, 2017 Mic drop performance, my ultimate being the MMA2018 IDOL performance especially the dance line with the traditional elements. Some funny moments like the time Jin dressed in a Hanbok to MAMA and he looked like a prince. It was unfortunate how in 2020 idols were not provided waiting room facilities but I think the performers still made the best out of it. Some light hearted moments like treasure just going to McDonalds. I've gotten into kpop only from 2017ish but I have watched past performances, like what does the fox say from 2013 and Twice and BP performances from 2016. I also understand some groups have boycotted specific award shows, which is probably good for the idols as it's less hectic. Please tell me your favourite moments so I can add more to my list. I missed many groups and performances in my post, but it's past 3am in my country so my memory is a bit foggy at the moment. Apologies. I appreciate k-shows more than VMAs which I grew up watching simply because every year, the performances are beyond my expectations.
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2021.12.01 19:00 swaggyboifern13 His face when he realised he messed up 😂

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2021.12.01 19:00 That-Station Half brothers cousin added me to her Instagram cf story

Story will be confusing
Not sure where to post this or if this is the right sub to ask but I needed advice. I met my brother(dad side) cousin the first time it was at a party that my older brother threw as a get together for our family just us having drinks and smoking having some fun and talking. She had a crazy personality very energetic but she also was yelling at me while I was drunk because their other cousin was sitting next to me trying to talk to me while I was just drunk and trying to sleep. Fast forward I seen her again at a trip in Vegas where my brother live but never really talked to her or anything just smoked with her a couple times. The third time I seen her was when I took a second trip to Vegas. We had some conversations but it’s not like we were close and there were more of us than the last trip. I know a lot of women add guys to their Instagram cf stories and sometimes it doesn’t mean she likes you but it’s kind of weird since she’s related to my bro.
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2021.12.01 19:00 memoriesofcold FBI arrests MAGA rioter who attacked cops with flagpole and wrote about it in his diary

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2021.12.01 19:00 JuicyFruit070 Is there anyone looking for a fill in for a dynasty team

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2021.12.01 19:00 M3RM8D_L3GS Why you mad bro?

4 months ago, my bf flipped out & broke things off. His friend had just passed & he has some mental issues, so I thought it was just him being screwed up. He had broken up with me several times through the last 5 years, dated other women, lived with other women, but he would always come back. This last time was terrible for me because nothing even happened. I’m talking nothing at all. No fight, nothing. One day i got upset because sex had been pretty shitty, & he was being pretty selfish. He broke things off & blocked me. I gave him time to cool off, & tried to talk to him in public one evening. He screamed at me to leave & called me a bitch & a lot of other things i don’t remember because i was so embarrassed. After that, he came to my house & told me to stay away from him. Then started screaming at me that i needed to apologize to him. I don’t even know what for. It’s a small town & there’s not much to do but a few bars. When i walked into a bar he was at, he got in my face and called me a fucking bitch and all this other crap. That same night, I walked into a different bar & he was there. He yelled at me to leave & was cussing me out & then he grabbed me by my throat. Two guys broke it up & made him leave. He told everyone, including my parents, that i pushed him and he put my hands in my lap. He said i followed him to those bars & was stalking him. None of that is true. Now I found where he saw my name written somewhere & he wrote bitch you don’t have a heart. i marked it out & told the owner of the bar about the incident & asked if he would ban him. He is almost 40 years old & he’s behaving like a 13 year old. It’s really embarrassing & honestly i don’t know what the hell he is even mad at. In the beginning of our relationship, we both made mistakes & bad decisions. We both hurt each other. It started when i realized he had another girl in another city that he was making plans to go see. Once i realized he didn’t take what we had seriously, I didn’t either & I made shitty choices. I told him about everything because i don’t do well hiding shit, & i truly loved this man & wanted the relationship. I stopped the behavior, & told myself to do anything it took to keep him. During that time, we accepted what was in the past & moved forward in our relationship, but he kept talking to other women and actively seeking them out to date. I stayed loyal & never strayed. We barely talked & i begged him for attention. Even just 10 mins a day. He broke up w me & moved away. 6 months later he came back, telling me he missed me & wanted to spend the rest of his life w me. 6 months later, he breaks up w me for no reason and apparently i’m incapable of loving anyone & now i have no heart. I don’t know how to move through this one. There’s a big part of me that says, fuck him, he’s batshit crazy. There’s another part of me trying to wrap my head around wtf is actually going on in his head. How can you go from i wanna spend my life w you to fuck you bitch i hope you wind up alone when literally nothing fucking happened. Hoping someone has something to say that can help me process this breakup & his attitude towards me. thanks
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2021.12.01 19:00 abby_isntso_normal The prophecy..it’s true….

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2021.12.01 19:00 USADave85 H: Offers W: Vampire bash minigun

Offer 1:

Offer 2:
Offer 3:
Offer 4:
I can substitute lead, Violet flux and cobalt flux.
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2021.12.01 19:00 Inside_Run 25m Australian, come chat, questions, stories, would you rather, numbers game, what would you do. Any age and gender

Please dont get upset if I do not reply in 0.4seconds I do indeed have a life, please be patient*
Hey there! Just a but about me, I am Australian, a chef by trade, I enjoy basic things, like, Movies, TV, Music, obviously cooking, anime. I have 2 tattoos, ill tell you all about them.
My Fav Anime: FMAB, Bleach, Food Wars, Dragonball Z, Log Horizon, Overlord and many others!
Tv Shows: Community, Supernatural, The Marvel TV series, The office, How I Meet Your Mother.
I Love Indie Pop and EDM: Temper Trap and Monstercat!!
I need to constantly talk to people. I have alot of other interests so just ask me! I can watch any kind of movie. I love cooking pastas and meat. My restaurant doesn't really do cuisine. Just really good pub food.
If youre into anything I said I think we would hit it off right away. I love talking about any and all topics. We are all conspiracy theorists, so hit me up. I have had many interesting chats and want some more!! No negativity here, if you can handle friendly discussions/banter I am the guy. Any Age and Gender! Just like chatting
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2021.12.01 19:00 Steven-Cook7772 Gold weekly forecast:

XAU/USD looks to extend rebound amid renewed coronavirus fears
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2021.12.01 19:00 alexnoob 2021-22 ECHL (teams only) v. 1.0

After the AHL roster I had to make the ECHL one. If you like cool logos you might appreciate this roster. Now we are more ready than ever for minor Leagues in BBGM 👀
What's in the roster

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2021.12.01 19:00 Chemical_Ad4105 Infected?

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2021.12.01 19:00 Lubinlfb Syd’s acid consommation

Hi, anyone knows how much acid Syd was taking to drive him crazy ?
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2021.12.01 19:00 cobaltplasma81 The Moon ( XVIII ) , by me , digital , 2021

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2021.12.01 19:00 kentmurphy69 Is this even possible?

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2021.12.01 19:00 CushTan It's been a while since I updated. I stopped caring about the amount of weight lost, however I'm now more focused on the amount of body fat lost. I'm training to hopefully run a marathon in '22. (Jan. '21-Dec. '21) 18:6 1600 kcals daily intake

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2021.12.01 19:00 Diligent-Emperor4839 29M4F USA/Anywhere [Relationship][Friendship]

Hello! I would like to meet a kind/interesting woman, who would like to create a solid relationship. (no drama, necessary) I would like to meet someone that I can have a deep conversation about anything, but also someone who's not afraid of talking and perhaps even laughing about what happens during our daily lives, e.g. what happened at work, or with friends/relatives, or while you were watching tv.
I don't expect you to like everything I like, but I hope we can find something in common. Some things I like: Cooking, baking, MTB, playing with my dogs, reading, listening to audio books, astronomy, exercise (in general, e.g. swimming, walking, hiking, calisthenics, etc.) watching movies, tv (action, adventure, romance, comedy, sci fi, horror, thriller) playing video games, (PC, Android, XBOX) card games, board games, partying, listening to music, traveling, etc.
I enjoy living life and overall I have a positive attitude, in spite of all the trials that life has for each of us. So, it will be great if I can find someone that has a similar attitude. I'm a simple man, I enjoy looking at the clouds, but I can be quite complicated to (I guess humans have many different sides to them) We can talk about anything (as long as you're respectful.) We can talk
By the way, don't hesitate to send me a message, because it's always good to make new friends, even if we don't become anything more.
P.S. Please don't send me a message if you're married or have a boyfriend, I'm not into those things. I'm not interested in talking with someone that smokes/heavy drinkers/drug users. Please don't be creepy! Oh, I prefer to talk with women without children as some day, I hope to have some my own. But I wouldn't stop talking to woman just because she has children.
Have a great day! Don't forget to smile! :)
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2021.12.01 19:00 spartankelli Got a fractured Flaring dagger; any idea what it's worth or how to craft it from here?

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2021.12.01 19:00 jplazat [Chinese>English] Can anyone understand this? This looks like a horrible handwriting

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2021.12.01 19:00 Hazardous_Apple Clips I've Mashed Together 8

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2021.12.01 19:00 Lithium_Nymph I’d have to disagree..

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2021.12.01 19:00 Disastrous-Tear4451 Can someone remove the japanese words from this image, please??

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2021.12.01 19:00 Septizzio [19/M] Looking to meet new people

Howdy folks
I’m a college student looking to make new friends. My main interests are world affairs, psychology, philosophy, and history. I enjoy discussing and studying these subjects
As far as hobbies go, I’m into boxing, fitness, and music. I’ve been boxing for a while now and it’s something I really enjoy. I enjoy fitness, doing stuff like eating healthy and going for runs and to the gym. I also play guitar albeit I’m still learning and practicing with it
When it comes to gaming and watching series and stuff, I don’t spend a lot of time if any doing those anymore. When I did game I played civilization and sims mostly. With tv shows I enjoyed Homeland and House of Cards
With music, I like rap, rock, and r&b. Especially from the 80s and 90s but I listen to some more modern artists too
That’s pretty much it. I look forward to hearing from you guys
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2021.12.01 19:00 sheidan Giving away 50 Boring Guys NFTs | 8200$ worth | Upvote this post , as well as join Discord + Twitter to get one. Links in comments section.

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