New PRTG Desktop User Survey

Sometimes Restore Points when the desktop was correct failed. I was trying to follow the advice above about creating a new user account, even though it would have taken many hours, possible days, to create a fully usable one. So Mike2 was created as an Admin account, as is the original Mike. In the Azure Virtual Desktop overview page, select Per-user access pricing. In the list of subscriptions, select the subscription where you'll deploy Azure Virtual Desktop resources. Select Enroll. Review the Product Terms, then select Enroll to begin enrollment. It may take up to an hour for the enrollment process to finish. Cost of Azure Virtual Desktop per user access pricing for external users from 01.01.2022? by Xandven_ on December 02, 2021. 132 Views 0 Likes. 1 Replies. Question about AVD licensing. by Junming on October 14, 2021 ... Desktop Agent User's Guide Document Revision 6, DCO# 1834 Page 4 . The Locate Exam tab lets you select exam files for importing. The imported exams appear in the Exam List tab. This is where you process an exam to comply with a trial’s specific protocols. Report a Discord user on Windows PC. Read below to learn how to report a user on Discord on a Windows computer: 1. Open Discord either through its desktop app or its web version. 2. Log in to your account, if you haven’t already. 3. Go to the User settings by clicking the gear icon visible at the bottom left corner of the screen. Welcome to the user manual for Seagate Backup Plus Desktop, a hard drive with ample capacity to store all your important files. Connect your Backup Plus Desktop to a computer that supports USB 3.0 for fast transfers of all your data. Review this user manual for instructions on how to manage your Backup Plus Desktop. Wireless Desktop Mouse User Manual Product Features 1. Radio frequency 27MHz wireless transmission 2. Use of 256 ID codes to prevent interference between several wireless mice being used simultaneously 3. Automatic power sleep function to extend battery life 4. Rechargeable batteries can be recharged by connecting the mouse to the computer USB Per-user licenses only grant access rights to Azure Virtual Desktop and don't include Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 Defender, or Universal Print. This means that if you choose a per-user license, you'll need to separately license other products and services to grant your users access to them in your Azure Virtual Desktop environment. What Is The Windows 10 Desktop Folder Location? The default desktop path in Windows 10 is C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Desktop. In this location are also stored other user folders, like the Documents, Downloads, and the Favorites folder. If you wish to move the Screenshots folder, here is our detailed guide covering Windows 10 screenshots. Seagate Expansion Desktop User Manual Click here to access an up-to-date online version of this document. You will also find the most recent content as well as expandable illustrations, easier navigation, and search capability.

2022.01.18 10:15 PRTG-Diana New PRTG Desktop User Survey

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2022.01.18 10:15 Anti-Social682 Activation help!

I’m a newbie to TW and reddit.
Warning, this saga is long.
Purchased 2 TW iPhones, plus a Tracfone that TW rebranded to be active on a TW plan. My plan was to port our 4 family lines from Cricket to TW since we needed phone upgrades. TW iPhones were purchased Black Friday weekend from Walmart, took 27 days to receive them so they didn’t arrive in time for us to move service from cricket to TW before the next bill date. Went to activate and realized I needed a SIM card to BYOB my kids phones over. Started the process of trying to activate our TW phones on the website this weekend - added all 4 IMEI’s plus Cricket account info for port, and when I submitted at the final step kept receiving an error that couldn’t be completed and I needed to call. Tried a new payment card and that didn’t matter. I spent over 6 hours on the phone yesterday with over 15 TW reps. Transferred numerous times after having to repeat the process over and over only to be told there was an error on their end, though no one could clearly explain the error. Got disconnected during many of these transfers. At one point a rep scheduled a call back for 9pm that I had forgotten about - that rep disconnected on me too and so I felt defeated and gave up.
Is it not possible to port in multiple numbers to TW?
I haven’t even had the phones 30 days due to the shopping delays, Walmart’s fighting me on the return. Their CS rep told me the store can unlock the phones for me... and won’t help any further until I try that. I don’t think this is good info but willing to humor them if it makes it easier to make progress.
The issue seems to be with porting and I do not want to lose our phone numbers. After searching for a solution for my issue I see many others losing their numbers to bad TW practices and am reluctant to switch to TW after the horrid CS experience yesterday.
Can I activate them on a cheap TW plan under new phone numbers, wait 60 days for unlock and then put our cricket sims in (would this even work??). Or do I call it a day and start the bank dispute for a refund since TW can’t get the phones to work.
We really need upgraded phones. I’ve had mvno services for over a decade and never ran into this problem!
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2022.01.18 10:15 throwaway_stolemoney Tried to leave and failed

Trigger for suicide attempt in this one. More overt about it. Not sure if I should warn but caution is good
I tried to leave on 1/14/2022. It took me almost a full week to work up the nerves to say anything to anyone in my daily life, while keeping the peace with her. The whole time I knew I was fucking up, that every day I waited was a mistake, but I couldn't get past the fear, shame, everything. Just kept thinking about saying something and having people look at me blankly and ask what the hell my problem was. Or having the judge refuse a court order of any sort. Or the landlord laughing and telling me I couldn't break the lease because of a little petty romantic squabble. I had nightmares where I ended up in prison because somehow I was abusing her. The whole time I knew even if I didn't run that day, I should go to the courthouse, call them, start a restraining order, but the paperwork made my head spin and I was terrified it'd be denied. I knew I should take the money and go but I didn't want to leave the cat either. Also knew I had to make a move, to try, and at least do something other than try to placate her constantly. Like it's to the point now there is no behaving enough to get her not to hurt me.
I did reach out for a free consultation from a lawyer and she gave some advice on how to document things, how to write up the affidavit for the restraining order, how to cover my ass basically
I tried three times to tell my boss anything and failed every time. My girlfriend stopped icing me out on 1/9/22. Came home from the dinner demanding I make up for leaving her to take care of herself for so long. I tried saying no and she grabbed me by the jaw and said she was at least trying to repair our relationship, that I wasn't putting any effort in, that she just wants to show she's forgiven me and told me to stop picking fights and holding a grudge. So I gave in
Then like nothing had changed at all, the rest of the week I'd come home and the night would go one of two ways: either she was loving and gentle as she kissed me and said she was so glad I was home, offering a massage or to skip the work out, or to show me a bunch of pictures she took of the cat or funny videos. Just normal things. Or she'd order me to get to work, either cleaning the house, cooking, or whatever else she wanted, that I had my day job and my night job, and I better not try to quit either one. And the whole time I knew I should leave but I didn't, because- I can't even say why. Like the whiplash between her two moods, the ever constant threat that she could hurt me, herself or my cat, kept me there. Fucking idiotic I know. Just felt so out of control the whole time, like I was focused too much on just keeping things from getting worse than on anything down the line
Tried saying no again, on Thursday, and she broke down crying. Said I don't love her anymore, that she feels unloved and unwanted, that she can't stand when I go cold and when I'm so hateful to her. The argument lasted for hours but not all at once. Like we would talk for a little, then she would storm off to some part of the apartment for a while then storm back in and start the fight again, demanding to know why I wasn't comforting her- or if I tried, she threw a shoe at me and ordered me out and to give space. After a while she went into the kitchen and said she's better off dead and may as well end it all now. I love her still. Or it's the trauma bond speaking. Not sure. Enough that when she put the kitchen knife to her neck I broke, panic unlike anything else I had felt before, and I just focused on her. Making her feel loved. Talking her down so my mental image could never come to light. Laid awake all night, with her curled up around me and pinning me to the mattress, thinking about what would have happened, what it might have looked like. Never seen a throat cut before but my mind kept going back to movies. Threw up and tried to get back to bed, but she said I was ruining her sleep so I had to move to the couch. Debated calling 911 and sectioning her for the suicide threats, but what good would that actually do? Would it help? Would it just make her mad enough after the time was up to do something worse? Would it be enough time to escape?
Friday I took the day off work, to get my work laptop while my girlfriend was at work, because just leaving it wasn't an option (legal trouble if I did) and to pick up the cat, despite the fact I still hadn't gotten a restraining order or finished the paperwork to finalize ownership. I was going to grab the documentation of the vet bills and the certificate I had tucked away years ago and immediately file once we were safe. The civil standby with police seemed too much and like it would escalate things, so I went with a friend by my side, especially since he kept saying he wanted to help, even and especially as I started to explain things. I thought I could trust him. He said that the situation wasn't okay at all and that he was so sorry things were like this.
Apparently he had decided he wanted to help me repair the relationship. Because the pandemic's put a lot of strain on a lot of relationships, no one is acting like themselves, and the hard patches make the good times better because you learn how to communicate better under stress. It isn't fair for me to give up on her like this, I should at least give her a chance to change. All his words.
So he had warned her that I was looking to leave, so she could be there to confront me and have a rational discussion like two consenting adults. Again, his words. It was like a switch flipped and suddenly he was all about it being two people's faults and that I had a hand in the behavior too, whereas before he just kept saying that it wasn't okay and seemed to give a shit. He presented himself as a neutral party to help us talk through it. By help I mean she promised to do better, that she never knew she was actually upsetting me and that I should have spoke up instead of trying to run from conflict, she can't get better if I don't let her. A lot of things were said. Apologies made on both sides. He kept encouraging a reconciliation, not arguing when she said grudges don't belong in a healthy relationship so I need to let go of the past, or agreeing ("that's what I told him" and nodding) when she said it takes two people, that we can work this out. They both kept pressuring until I admitted that things only got bad recently, because why wouldn't I have reached out sooner otherwise, it doesn't make sense that I haven't said anything if things were so rough so could I be blowing it out of proportion out of frustration? And really it was my bad joke that started this whole mess, so a clean slate was to both our benefits. Of course she also had her part and work on getting better at letting things go, but anyone would have been upset if their boyfriend made a rape joke.
He even left with a "I hope you two keep talking, you are so good together" and I just felt so defeated and trapped that I didn't argue anymore.
Soon as he was gone she forced me to hand over my phone, laptop and debit card. Maybe she even changed the pin too, by now. She still wants the money I pulled out but I refuse to cave again. She keeps reminding me that actual abuse victims get support and help, people believe true abuse stories but laugh at stupid boys who can't handle an adult relationship. So she's not sure where I got the delusion that I was a victim, but hopefully this set me straight. So far she doesn't seem to know I've posted here or reached out to a domestic violence hot line or to a lawyer, and I know she doesn't know what papers I was looking for because I didn’t even tell the friend.
After I handed over everything she demanded, she kicked me behind the knee and pushed me into the guest bathroom, into the shower, and locked me in the bathroom. For the whole weekend, plus the Monday I had off work for MLK Jr day. Every day she sat out in front of the door and talked to me for a little. Telling me I wasn't abused, that no one would ever truly believe I was, and that if I ever left, every girlfriend I ever tried to sucker would be forced to behave the same way she had. Then she laughed and said that maybe I could try my luck with the men who would actually beat me and then I'd be grateful and realize what real abuse is. She didn't open the door, not when I banged on the door, the porcelain, the walls, and when I said I'd scream, she said she'd throw our cat over the balcony and then herself and it'd be all my fault. I didn't know if she would. She added "do you think anyone would actually hear you through the walls" and implied that I would be stuck in there alone. The thought of waiting and hoping for someone to hear me was terrifying. So I drank water from the tap. Like a dog. And she laughed, said the exact same thing, calling me her little bitch. So many things were said during that time period, all of it on her side, I feel nuts. I've been writing this up since I got to work and there's still so much more I could say or mention
I don't think I said a word after the first night, after she told me to shut up or she'd shoot the cat and then herself and leave me to deal with the remains. I asked why she did all of this, what did I do to deserve this, and she said that she shouldn't have to coddle me and tell me how I fucked up to deserve this, that I should be smarter than this. I don't know if I stopped talking from the shame or the fact I was thirsty or what. Sometimes still hear her telling me to shut up when I try to talk alone but it's only been a few hours really so it isn't that major. "Fucking shut your mouth. No one cares.". She'd take a shower in the other bathroom and come back and rub it in my face that she felt human again after washing up. It's so stupid that it hurt but she called me dirty and pathetic for not being able to clean myself, because I was legitimately afraid of what she would do if she heard the shower running and decided I was ignoring her again. When she showered or left the door, I tried rattling it to get it open but she must have jammed it in some way. I'm not sure. Maybe I could have tried to bust it down. Sometimes my cat came to the door and put his paw under the gap. So weird to be playing with him through the door, or to have him scratch and meow to be let in, all while I was stuck there. By her design. Because I didn't act sooner. My thoughts are still racing, sorry if this is hard to follow
She didn't let me out until 11:44pm yesterday, 1/17/22. I only remember the time so clear because it was so close to the next day that it felt surreal. The whole thing still feels surreal. Three full days and nearly eight hours locked in a small half bathroom, with not even enough space to lie down or barely enough to sit with my legs stretched out if I angled it diagonally. 80 hours. No one called. No one looked for me. Not even my boss or my friend. I was locked up at her mercy until only a few hours ago. And now she seems like she just wants to act like she never did it. Led me to bed that night and asked if I was ready to be a good boyfriend. Kissed me when I nodded. Slept with her arm over my chest, like she was hugging me or pinning me. She sent me off to work with a kiss and a "I love you"
Going to talk my boss today and see if we can remotely remove the files or somehow brick this laptop or something so I won't get into trouble. If not I'll take it when I pick up the cat. Going to file the paperwork to get custody of our cat officially so she can't hurt him too, but I do know where the papers are now so I might just try another grab and run. Hopefully my parents didn't change their number but I'll use the phone here at my desk and find out. I'll call the courthouse and file for the protective order too.
This time I will involve the police when I go home. Next time I won’t back down or make the same stupid mistakes.
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2022.01.18 10:15 simplejack66 What city services should we be using but arent aware of?

Saw this topic in the Dallas sub and though it was neat so I figured id ask the question here.
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2022.01.18 10:15 pelegenic Heather’s Word Associations

In exit interviews, Heather ended up with this string of word associations from her cast mates:
Demonic, strange, confused, possums, ignorant, clueless, good person
Did we ever find out why the merge cast seemed to use such negative words to describe her? Aside from the clearly positive “good person” and the probably inside joke “possums”
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2022.01.18 10:15 TheRealFinke 🥶🥶Come snag one of these BEAUTIES🥶🥶 (GIVEAWAY)info down below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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2022.01.18 10:15 premyslvaculik Chyba v API prohlížeče Safari může způsobit narušení soukromí a únik citlivých dat

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2022.01.18 10:15 ASICmachine OpenSea transaction volume spikes to new ATH (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2022.01.18 10:15 Responsible-Monk2713 minecraft dungeons crashes everytime

anyone knows how to fix?
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2022.01.18 10:15 _Dew_it_ It's day 66 of posting a photoshop until top 10 and today we're continuing the spooks with the classic movie, LoopScream!

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2022.01.18 10:15 Residentartist0 For the record: I am not a Bible scholar, and have no formal training in any way.

In fact, I am a High School dropout and have never taken a college course or any theology classes. I’ve never read a ‘Commentary’ on any Scripture, I can’t read Hebrew, Greek or any language other than English.

I say all that to say this: If you glean anything from what I'm about to say you need to know it is from the Living God. Not me. The confidence I have in His word comes from Him. The faith that I have in His ability to transform and redeem lives comes from Him and from personal experience. The knowledge I have of the Living God (the God of the Bible) comes from knowing Him and His inspired word, and my understanding of it comes from the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. I do not proclaim to know all that there is to know about the Lord, but what I do know I am grateful to have the opportunity to share with you. The Lord gave me LIFE when I was living in the deepest darkness…with no hope…or a future… and I am here because I was not alone in that darkness and I want YOU to know the God that saves. [If you don’t already] . And If you do, then I pray you will join me in my quest to bring God’s glorious light into the darkness that is consuming our world. Not for my sake…but for the sake of those who are still lost. Join me in crying, “Come to the cross of Jesus! He is MIGHTY TO SAVE!”

You need to know that there is irrefutable evidence that God’s word was written by One who knows the end from the beginning, so don’t believe the lie that all believers in Him have a ‘blind’ faith that is based on ‘feelings’, and nothing more. Many of us came to Christ with blind faith [with little to no knowledge of God], but if we’re growing in our relationship with Him and the knowledge of His word we will grow into a mature Christian that cannot be swayed by false teachers, mockers, or staunch unbelievers, for how can we deny one we KNOW? And how can we not defend the One who has redeemed us, transformed us, and given us eternal life?

I am not still following Christ with blind faith…but am, rather, walking towards heaven with my eyes wide open…confident in the God I serve……………and I just want to make my Heavenly Father proud.

The word of God says that we have all sinned. All of us. And sins penalty is death. The good news of the Bible is that God loves us so much He didn’t want us to have to pay the penalty for our sins so He paid the penalty for us! He literally died for us…so we wouldn’t have to! And because he’s God he rose from the dead to prove that He was who He told everyone He was…and, [His word tells us] to prove that He was successful in doing what He came to do. To pay the penalty of our sin in full.

So does that mean that everyone gets to go to heaven now? No. Everyone could….but everyone won’t. Because not everyone is grateful that Jesus died for them. And some people don’t even feel guilty for their sin. They like sinning. And for that reason they will reject Jesus. Some people just don’t believe in Jesus. Some are so crazy they don’t even believe He ever even existed, even though there’s irrefutable evidence and proof that He did. And others think they’re pretty good people…and think they can earn their way to heaven because of that goodness. The problem is they’re comparing themselves to other people. People who are worse than them of course. And we don’t get to go to heaven because we’re “better than our neighbors.” No sin can enter heaven. None. Period. And bottom line is only those who have repented of their sins…asked Jesus to forgive them for their sins…believed that He died for their sins…and asked Him to save them…will go to heaven. God made heaven. It belongs to Him. And He is the One who gets to decide who can go there, and who can’t. He has made a way for all of us to be able to go to heaven…but many people are so arrogant they think they can do it “there way” and still get there. :( They’re wrong.

To repent means to not only admit you have sinned…but to be truly sorry in your heart for sinning as well. [Not sorry because you got caught…but sorry that you ever did it…there’s a big difference.] Repentance is the key ingredient to salvation that many people overlook. They think they can just pray a prayer…like it’s magic or something…and be saved. But that is not the case. Repentance is a requirement because God only forgives those who are sincerely sorry for what they have done. Just saying “I’m sorry” is not good enough…it’s all about what’s in our hearts.

Think of it this way. Do you have any siblings? Or cousins? Or someone in your life that’s done something to hurt you…that then had your mom or dad or someone tell them to apologize to you for what they did? And then they looked at you and said, “Sorry,” in such a way that it was obvious they were not sorry and were only saying “sorry” because someone in authority over them was making them do it? That is the opposite of “repentance.” It’s only words. It meant nothing because they didn’t mean it and they wouldn’t have even said it if they hadn’t been made to. Now, if you can tell the difference between when someone is truly sorry, and when they’re just saying “words” how much more can God…who knows everything! Our every thought! Our every deed! If we’re not truly sorry…we will not be forgiven. But, if we are truly sorry…and we ask Him to forgive us…He will do it! Immediately. And when we do that…and we believe that He paid the penalty for that sin…and all of our sin…and ask Him to save us…He will do it. Immediately. It’s all about what’s in our heart. Being sincere.

And, if you don’t know Jesus yet, then today you can ask Him to forgive you for your sins…[but only if you mean it]…and you can repent of them…tell Him you don’t want to keep sinning and you need His help to change…and put your faith in what Jesus did for you on the cross…paying your sin debt in full. The choice is yours, the Lord has given you a free will…and He loves you so very much. But He will never force you to love Him in return.

We are, right now, very late in the Biblical “end days”…and the return of Christ for his church prior to the start of the tribulation that will follow is “at the door,” so I hope you’ll consider what God’s word has to say about the days we’re living in and those that are soon coming, because although people can still place their faith in Christ after the rapture they will then lose their lives as a result of their newfound faith as the Antichrist will have no tolerance for those who choose Christ over him. Only 1/3 of those who enter the tribulation will still be alive at the end of those 7 years. The horror of it is, quite simply, incomprehensible. :( If you don’t yet know Christ…please…please don’t wait. Today is the day of salvation. Jesus desires for all to be saved…for none to perish, and we know from His word that is why He has tarried in these end days before coming! But…He will come…soon…because He is the God of His word…and if He said it…He must bring it to pass.

If you’re interested in knowing what’s going on I can tell you with 100% certainty what is happening in our world. Why it’s happening. And what’s coming next.

You see, 2000 years ago [and more] we were told by Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Matthew, Luke, John, Paul, and Peter among others [inspired by God], what would happen in “our” generation! The “end day” generation…

Why our generation? Because…for reasons only God knows…He himself predetermined that He would fulfill His “end day” prophecies during our lifetime. And so, as He inspired those who loved and served Him to write His word He gave us precise signs and “prophecies” that would be fulfilled in our generation, so that, we would “know that He is God.” In fact, the word of God prophesied a great many details about the days we’re living in. More than most even realize!

One of the most important keys to interpreting Bible prophecy is to remember that it revolves around God…Israel…and Israel’s Messiah…Jesus Christ. I see many making the mistake of trying to “interpret the prophecies” by the “signs”, rather than “interpreting the signs” by the “prophecies”. I didn’t really think about that until I responded to a comment I received from a man who believes we are already in the “tribulation” prophesied in Revelation 6–18. He is making that exact mistake which is terribly heartbreaking. He’s seeing “signs” and then is looking for “prophecies” to match them. In doing so he is misinterpreting Bible prophecy. And, as a result, [in his own words], he’s living in daily torment as he sincerely believes many have been deceived and have unwittingly received the “mark of the beast”, [which seals the eternal fate—to hell— of those who receive it] from Revelation 13 [which has not yet been implemented]. I don’t know if he is telling individuals that they now have no chance of being saved, [referring to those in some countries, who are already using a monetary system that involves them being “scanned” in some way, with a chip in their body, but the implications are horrific if he is!] Telling people that they are now condemned to hell, when in fact they are NOT… and telling them they have received a “mark” that isn’t even yet the “mark” of Revelation 13 is…well…just unimaginable. :(

When we misinterpret one Scripture it usually snowballs into others as well, and the result can be devastating in our lives…and the lives of those we influence! :( Although the signs of the times are all around us, the “current” signs are all “pre-tribulation” signs pointing to a specific timeframe that will be unmistakable when it begins. Signs that are screaming…”Look up! Your redemption is near!” [For those who know Christ.] And, “Repent, Jesus is coming!” [For those who don’t know Christ yet.] :(

The book of Revelation is casting a long dark shadow over our world right now, but the prophecies of that book have not yet started. When they do people will KNOW it. The tribulation has a starting point that many don’t realize. And it’s not found in the book of Revelation. Yes, there are 4 “horsemen” who are “sent out” in Revelation 6…early in the “tribulation”, but, as I mentioned many are already misinterpreting current events as matching up with those “apocalyptic” prophecies, and they have NOT yet started their fulfillment, because the “trigger” event for the beginning of the tribulation, or “70th week of Daniel” has not yet occurred.

What we must do is look at the “prophecies”, and then wait and watch for them to be fulfilled. The “tribulation”, as it is called by most who know anything about Bible prophecy is a very specific “timeframe”. That timeframe is not revealed fully in Revelation. We know it “ends” with the Second Coming of Christ prophesied in Revelation 19, but Revelation doesn’t give us a telling, specific, clearly identifiable “event” that “starts” the “tribulation.” To find that “trigger” we have to go backward in God’s word…to the Old Testament…and the book of Daniel. And there we find the “reason” for the judgments/prophecies in Revelation…and the “trigger” that starts them. Again, it’s all about Israel and God and Messiah. And with the Daniel prophecy added to the Revelation 19 prophecy we’re given “bookend prophecies” that contain…within them…all the prophecies from Revelation 6–19 and more. Not knowing that “left end” bookend causes a lot of confusion…and a lot of misinterpretation of Scripture. :( First…the “reason” for the soon coming 7 years of judgment. Found in Daniel 9:24.

Daniel 9:24: “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy.”

That verse gives us the “reason” for the judgments prophesied in the book of Revelation. The “Seventy ‘sevens’” is 70 sets of 7 year periods for a total of 490 years. We know from verses 25 and 26 that “sixty-two ‘sevens’ and “seven ‘sevens’” have already been fulfilled for a total of “sixty-nine ‘sevens’”, or 69 sets of “7 year periods” for a total of 483 years of the 490 fulfilled. The study of that, and prophetic fulfillment of those timeframes is pretty involved, and is far more than anyone could post on here, but if you want to do a deeper study on it I would recommend the book, “The Book of Daniel” by Clarence Larkin. It’s a little over my head, as I’m not the “scholarly” type, but it’s thorough for sure!

The break down of Daniel 9:25–26, among other things, actually gives us the timing of the first coming of Christ, up to His violent death [the crucifixion] and the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 A.D. around 40 years later . The prophetic word is a phenomenal gift the Lord has given us, as He reveals to His children what He is going to do…before He does it…so we can be fully prepared…and prepare others.

This prophecy was given over 500 years before the birth of Christ. The parenthesis will actually give the “dates” that each part of the verse is referring to. By calculating this “prophecy” the religious leaders during the days of Jesus could have been 100% certain Christ was the Messiah, or “Anointed One” Scripture had told them of. But, as Jesus told them in Matthew 16:2: “When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’ and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.” What “signs” were they missing? Well, nearly 200 Messianic verses from the OT that told them exactly what to watch for. One of which, as I mentioned, actually gave them the date for the fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9: Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem! See, your King comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.

Daniel 9:25- “Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem [we find this in Nehemiah Ch. 2…March 5, 444 B.C.] until the Anointed One, [Messiah] the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ [It was 7X7 yrs (or 49 yrs.) for the city to be rebuilt and then another 62X7 yrs. (or 434 yrs, keeping in mind the Jewish calendar is 360 day years) til Messiah would come.) So, from March 5, 444 B.C. we’re told 483 years will pass before Messiah comes. What date does that take us to? Adding 173,880 days to March 5,444 B.C. takes us to March 30 A.D. 33. The exact day Christ rode into Jerusalem on the donkey as the prophecy in Zechariah foretold. A few days prior to His crucifixion. Now you may not find that to be phenomenal. But, I do! And moving on to Daniel 9:26 we see: After the sixty-two ‘sevens’, the Anointed One will be cut-off [which according to Strong’s concordance refers to a “violent death”] and will have nothing. Violent death? Yep…that pretty much covers it. :( The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. [This is referencing the destruction of the city and temple in 70 AD by the Romans some 37 yrs. later.] So, at the end of this portion of Scripture, 69 of the 70 weeks are fulfilled.

All we have left then is the final week. The “70th of the ’70 weeks’”. 69 were fulfilled prior to the death and resurrection of Christ. One is left. The final 7 years of God’s 490 years of “decreed” prophecies/judgments for Israel as recorded in Daniel 9:24. So, again, when Christ was crucified, [cut off—in v.26a] the first 69 ‘7 yr periods’ decreed were completed. Remember this prophecy is specifically for the Jewish people. No one else. Not the church. Not the world. The Jewish people only. Daniel is told these 490 years are decreed for “his people.”

So, at the completion of the ‘69th 7-yr period’ Israel had rejected her Messiah…and the Lord’s “focus” on the Jews turned to the “church.” The Biblical “church age” began…and those who repented of their sins and placed their faith in Israel’s Messiah [Jew and Gentile alike…have been saved, as God has not “rejected” his people, but they have only been “blinded” for a time because of the hardness of their hearts and their rejection of Jesus].

[Please note: I am NOT saying that God has “rejected” Israel as is purported in some heretical teachings. God’s covenant with Israel, through Abraham, is an “everlasting” covenant. Period. They are and always have been His chosen people…since the book of Genesis, and His focus will turn fully towards them once again in the very near future. It would be good for those who think God rejected His people after they rejected Christ as Messiah, to remember that even now, we are in the prophetic “end days” because of fulfilled prophecies that involve Israel. Specifically their resurrection as a nation, foretold in Ezekiel 36 and 37 and more, which started the “end day” generational clock ticking.]

Because the 490 year “decreed” timeclock stopped 3 days prior to the crucifixion of Messiah…with 7 years remaining to be fulfilled…those last 7 years have been waiting…and waiting…for their fulfillment as well. And now, nearly 2,000 yrs. later, the “70th week of Daniel” is “at the door.” We find a short description of that final week in Daniel 9:27: He [the Antichrist] will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

This verse tells us what “starts” the final “decreed” 7-year period from the prophecy in Daniel 24. So, while most know the “right bookend” prophecy for the tribulation, the Second Coming of Christ from Revelation 19, we find here that “left bookend” prophecy I mentioned earlier that triggers the start of the tribulation. A 7-yr “covenant” that the Antichrist confirms with many. The “confirms” verbiage here speaks of his “strengthening” or “improving on” a covenant that is already in place. Perhaps the
Abraham Accords? I don’t know, but I believe this ‘covenant’ will fall at the end of the soon coming Ezekiel 38/39 war when Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya and Sudan come against Israel. We do know this: Israel’s ability to rebuild their temple will be a part of this long-awaited prophetic covenant.

Jesus said in John 5:43- “I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.”

In short, this “someone” that Jesus warned us of is the “he” that will “confirm the 7-yr covenant” from Daniel 9:27. And as the decreed final 7-yr period starts with the swipe of a pen, and the signing of a covenant between Israel and “many” we find the Jewish people at the “center” of prophecy once again. And the final 7-yrs from Daniel 9:24 begins. Having rejected their Messiah 2,000 yrs earlier, we will find them “receiving” one who comes in his own name [on his own behalf rather than on God’s behalf]. The Biblical “Antichrist, Lawless One or Beast” as he is referred to throughout Scripture.

This great deceiver [a man indwelt and empowered by Satan himself], will convince the Jewish people he is their long-awaited Messiah…and for the first 3.5 years of his “covenant”, even as prophetic judgments from Revelation are beginning to fall upon the earth, they’ll think he’s the greatest thing that ever happened to them as he makes it possible for them to rebuild their temple and reimplement their Old Testament sacrificial system. They have been waiting for this moment…and they are ready. All that they need…they have. Everything but the piece of land the temple will be rebuilt on. The Antichrist will provide this with the covenant. When the pen of the Antichrist hits that paper these things happen.

  1. The identity of the Antichrist is revealed. He has pen in hand.

  1. The tribulation or 70th week of Daniel begins. [They are one and the same 7-yr period.]

  1. The identity of the rider of the white horse in Revelation 6 is now known, as the Antichrist rides out as a conqueror bent on conquest, as the first seal judgment is opened.

  1. Those who are paying attention, and who have some Biblical knowledge at that time can count 2,520 days forward and pinpoint the exact day of the Second Coming of Christ for the battle of Armageddon.

  1. They can also count forward 1,260 days and know the exact day the Antichrist will waltz into the newly rebuilt temple and proclaim to be God. Those who are aware of this prophetic event…that are Jewish…can get a head start on “fleeing into the mountains”, as they are instructed to do in Matthew 24:15–16.

So, now, with the signing of the 7-yr “covenant,” putting the Jews at the forefront of prophecy again…and their final 7 years of decreed prophecies/judgments beginning their fulfillment the world will find itself in the pages of the book of Revelation. Most refer to this “70th week of Daniel” as the “tribulation”. And if you’ve ever read the book of Revelation then you know why. Of those who enter that final 7 years of Daniel’s decreed 490 years, only 1/3 will still be alive at the end of it. During the first 3.5 yrs. alone 1/4 of the earth’s population will die from war, famine, wild beasts, and pestilence. It’s going to get worse. Much, much worse.

But, praise God, there will be those who will escape this coming time of judgment. They will be removed from the earth prior to the start of that coming Ezekiel war and the covenant that ends it. We’re running out of time…and God’s prophecies [nearly 1/3 of His inspired word] will all be fulfilled. Many within, I believe, the next 7 to 8 years as we are currently 72 yrs. into the prophetic “end days.” I pray you’ll consider what God’s word has to say about what we are going through now…and what is just around the corner. There is much, much more to it than just this, but the study of “end day” prophecies involves most of Scripture…and it is impossible to share it all here.

With the recent Israel/Gaza war…and now the drastic change in Israel’s governance just around the corner I believe it is growing more and more clear that the Ezekiel 38 war is imminent. I say that because I want to simply remind you of this: the rapture precedes that war. Jesus is coming folks…whether we’re ready or not! Are you ready? I pray that you are…
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2022.01.18 10:15 Barneylee39 XBOX (pc app AND console) throttles my speed! Why?

**United Kingdom**
I know this thread already exists but it is archived and has no *official XBOX rep reply*
I have spoken to my ISP and done various speed tests with them... i AM getting the maximum of 1478mb/s (which translates to approx 150ish MB/s)
Steam downloads at 130>150 Uplay downloads at 130>150 Epic downloads at 130>150 (WoW) Downloads at 130>150 (although FROM 90 MINIMUM!)

WHY is XBOX throttling me??? (my pc has a WIRED ethernet connection, and i download via the XBOX PC APP and total limit is 50 MB/s)
My XBOX itself which is WIFI downloads at MAXIMUM 3 MB/s
WHY do you throttle us for NO REASON??? (and this is NOT just peak time!)
An XBOX support Rep said it was an issue with my ISP ... my ISP says there is no issues at all and it is ALL on XBOX side, so STOP IT!!!
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2022.01.18 10:15 BOissadww Is my pc bad?

I mined for about 30mins with cpu (because i dont have a compatible gpu) i have 0.000142
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