2022.01.18 10:32 Lewandiwski20044 Why

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2022.01.18 10:32 Jeff420XD ZIM Press Release 1.18.2022

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2022.01.18 10:32 SeparatePilot “Usually they are in bed but this time it’s different”

My professor will give the whole class extra credit if one of us can solve this. Please help.
“Usually they are in bed but this time it’s different”
First Clue
A ‘Bed’ is a collective noun for Sloths.
The next clue is:
A social event with 100,000 people and no one noticed that we are missing a: GIF of a Donkey
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2022.01.18 10:32 cointokia Tonga could adopt Bitcoin as its official currency!

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2022.01.18 10:32 Illustrious_Rice_772 Tylea Adore

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2022.01.18 10:32 upbstock $MSFT to acquire $ATVI for $95 per share or $68.7 billion in an all-cash transaction

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2022.01.18 10:32 Good-Bottle7238 Found my post on online news, blogs and other websites. wtf!

I was browsing internet and found my post on online news sites. I got scared at first and felt very weird.
I made a post few months back because of the sheet frustration, depression and suicidal tendencies I was having. As I can't talk to people, I vent here on reddit because of anonymity.
Many people know me by my user name because they think that, i am an attention seeker
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2022.01.18 10:32 roboman777xd weapon spam fix idea

weapon spam is a f***ing annoying issue. they should make it so it takes two seconds to switch between items. someone equips then unequips an item, they have to wait two seconds before switching to another item so they dont spam their shotty and immediately switch to uzi or the goddamn plasma pistol.
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2022.01.18 10:32 CryAdministrative667 Watch "Rodneys Beats" on YouTube

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2022.01.18 10:32 xo_balloons she likes taking my side of the bed

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2022.01.18 10:32 Static_Frog WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft Nears Deal to Buy Activision Blizzard for More Than $50 Billion

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2022.01.18 10:32 sauro98 Italian master's student graduating in July looking for suggestions. Details in comments

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2022.01.18 10:32 IU_Pregnancy_Study Research Opportunity - Seeking parents who have delivered preemies between 22-25 weeks

Hi! Our research team at Indiana University wants to interview parents about their experiences with premature birth, specifically deliveries that occurred at 22, 23, or 24 weeks in pregnancy. We want to hear the perspectives of both parents. Schedule an interview with us and be compensated for your time.
To see if you are eligible for this study, please complete this brief survey:
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2022.01.18 10:32 Chance_Ad_6251 am i balding? stretched my hair a little

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2022.01.18 10:32 Sohrab007 Microsoft (MSFT) Nears $70 Billion Deal for Video Game Maker Activision (ATVI) - Bloomberg

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2022.01.18 10:32 ArthurJack_AW How many Marines can a Gene-seed be used to generate ?

If I'm not mistaken, Gene-seed is used to grow the products needed to create Space Marines, but I'm a little confused as to how much a Gene-seed can produce. If the number is less than 2, then counting the number of failures, there doesn't seem to be any way to make up for their loss in a single chapter (a single Marine can only provide a maximum of 2 Gene-seeds, and if these two Gene-seeds don't guarantee the birth of a new Marine, then their numbers will dwindle), but if the number is too large, then the loss is not a concern, as they can easily be replenished . Are there any stories that mention this part of the problem in detail?
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2022.01.18 10:32 Dagga_2502 Sakshi Malik butt cheeks

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2022.01.18 10:32 TigerBRL [Searching] #PC9CJCR 24K trophies

i have decent skill and get 10-12 trophies each war day looking for a club that is good in club league i am active daily,use all tickets, and ONLY play with club mates in war
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2022.01.18 10:32 BowermanSnackClub Houston Marathon 2022 - BSC has a day

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 2:45 No
B Full Send Yes
Splits These are all ~30 seconds off because the race didn't catch my chip at the start line.
Mile Time
5k 20:03
10k 39:24
15k 58:45
Half 1:24:33
25k 1:39:59
30k 2:00:20
35k 2:21:02
40K 2:42:59
Full 2:53:05
Training So for this cycle I decided to follow the outline that Joe Vigil has for the marathon in his book Road to the Top. Now before someone who ran for him at Adams State chimes in and says that I did not fully follow a Vigil training program, I had to scale things back and did my best ok. Like he only gives elite examples during peak weeks to look off of. I can't do 140 mile weeks with 3 workouts and a long run. I'd die. I'm not even intermediate per his definition of 2:20 to 2:40.
So I compromised were I could. 120 mile weeks seemed like too much, but I could work up to 100. 3 workouts and a long run is a lot, but 2 workouts, a solid MLR and a LR is doable. I tried to push my boundaries at every corner, without going into the hero workout and night sweat plagued training that I've dealt with in previous canned programs like Daniels and Pfitz. Overall, I liked it a lot and it felt very within myself, which is crazy based on how far out I got.
The program has a basic break down of 3 mesocycles and a taper, and it roller coasters up to pretty high mileage, but there is a down week every other week. Here's an example of Deana Kastor's roller coaster mileage. He says in a podcast episode that he found that people could get to pretty high mileage without breaking down, and that was the reason for it. I have to agree that it worked pretty well for me even if it looks wonky on Strava. All the following workouts with a * are because my stomach shelled out and I wanted to note why they were super short.
Mesocycle 1, "Aerobic period"
Focus is on volume runs, and the athlete should get close to max distance in miles per week. Here I focused on mile repeats at MP to LTish effort to build a little strength so the harder workouts later on wouldn't break me, building mileage, and eventually getting to two workouts per week.
Week Workout 1 Workout 2 LR Weekly Mileage
1 5xmile N/A 15 miles 60
2 6xmile N/A 17 miles 70
3 4 miles at LT 2x2k* 16 miles 58
4 3x2 miles Progression to MP 19 miles 80
Mesocycle 2, "Strength Endurance"
Focus is on tempo cross country runs, hill training and repition training. In another section he says this is also where you should race, but I didn't read that at the time and wish I had. I did every workout on grass, dirt or hills, which is not particularly Houston specific, however I stopped being anal about my watch readings and started caring about running within myself, which was huge for me.
Week Workout 1 Workout 2 LR Weekly Mileage
5 Deek's 6x5'on/5'float 18 miles 71
6 Mona 5 miles at LT 21 miles 90
7 20x1'on/1'float 4x(7:00,6:30,6:00) 20 miles 70
8 6xmile 8 mile MP Tempo 22 miles 100
Mesocycle 3, "Specific Endurance"
Here's the meat and potatoes and I screwed it up a bit by running a half here instead of the weeks before. The focus is on MP specific workouts, so long repeats, tempos, etc. I had to sacrifice two weeks here, to accommodate the half, that would have probably been better spent doing full workouts. This was my only real gripe about my layout, and I ran a huge PR during it, so pretty small potatoes all said.
Week Workout 1 Workout 2 LR Weekly Mileage
9 3xmile N/A Dallas Half (79:02) 80
10 2x3 mile N/A 22 miles 95
11 6xmile 2 miles at MP* 20 miles 70
12 5x(mile float/mile hard) 3x3 mile 17 miles 100
Taper He recommends 2-3 weeks, with reduced volume, but high intensity on the workouts. I decided to try 2 weeks because I've always felt great at about 10 days after the taper starts on a 3 week taper and crappier every day after that.
Week Workout 1 Workout 2 LR Weekly Mileage
13 5xmile N/A 12 miles 60
14 3xmile N/A Houston Full 60
Pre-race I felt pretty garbo the final week of the taper. My legs were lead, my resting HR was really high, and my HR at every effort running wise was not lining up. The Wednesday I did 3x1 mile, I did them in 5:55 which is exactly the pace I'd done all of my recent 1 mile repeats at, and instead of feeling like LTish, they felt like 10kish. Whatever, it's a taper workout I told myself. The Thursday shakeout was like 15 BPM high for what should have been stupid easy pace, but I had just done a job interview, so like I told myself I'm just dealing with some extra anxiety this isn't real. Friday before my drive down to Houston, I'm still feeling off and I have no reason to feel off. My nose is a faucet while running, and I'm super aware that I have a throat and that's not normal. Ok, quick google of covid symptoms and I'm having a panic attack after this training block. I look everywhere and it turns out it's super hard to find a test of any sort last minute. Call in a favor with a friend who is a dentist and he gets me a rapid test that they use to screen patients. Taking this from actual medicine feels like a dick move, but he insists it's ok if I replace it as soon as I reasonably can. It comes up negative, so I guess it's full send city, even though I'm not sure how accurate those things are. I did what I could ok. I drive down, mask up everywhere and avoid people where I can. And by that I mean herumph, OGFireNation, RunRoarDinosaur, and Mrs. OG came and saw me because they make bad decisions.
The next day my RHR was approximately normal and I feel pretty good. No nose run, throat awareness or anything else. So I went to the expo for a bit. Met up with aewillia, prairiefirephoenix, jaylapeche, bluemostboth, among others I've already mentioned. Helped OG with appropriate arm sleeve colors. Ogled the hell out of jaylapeche who has gotten T H I C C with his lifting. Debated if Houston gave us a blanket, a car cover, or a car seat cover with our race swag. I still haven't opened it and would like it to remain a mystery forever.
Day of I slept like absolute garbage. Maybe 4 hours total. It's ok I didn't need that energy. Otherwise felt fine, so I figure whatever was bothering me is gone. Walk to the Expo and freeze. Sit down and try to find someone I know. Fail at that. Eventually head to the start line, where I find banstew after a bit. Talk to him about his plans for the race hoping he was running 6:17s for some really weird reason. He says 6:30. Ah well no biggie. Then he asks me what I'm shooting for, and I say 6:15 to 6:20. He says I'm pacing you and I'm like that is not a good idea. He's adamant. Ok I'll take the help and not argue, and the race is off soon after.
Race I don't remember tons of details through the race, because I honestly checked out of as much of it as I possibly could. I'm still probably going to write too much about all of it. The first mile was pretty relaxed, ran with banstew, and kept some jokes up. Mile 2 banstew disappeared. RIP my pacer 7:01:31 through ~7:10:00 AM. Whatever I got this. Mile 3 he shows back up and asks why I'm running all alone, and then he takes point and blocks the wind for the next 4ish miles. I check the frick out during this section. All I focused on was watching the little red and white Tracksmith tab on the back of his singlet bob up and down until the half marathon split. I miss a manual split at mile 4 and he calls out when I should hit the lap button at every spot after that. I genuinely don't deserve any of this, but I'm incredibly grateful for it. (6:29, 6:13, 6:12, 12:26, 6:16, 6:14, 6:10)
Alas, my pacing doesn't last forever and banstew has to go run a half. RunRoarDinosaur takes a great photo of him giving me a pep talk before the split. She did not see me at all, and was just taking a photo of him. Which is fair, because he's like 6 feet taller than me and 100x as handsome. After this running on my own isn't so bad. Pass some more runners for awhile until I finally find a pack that passes me back and calls out splits. They're saying 6:17 and seeming happy about it. Sweet I found the 2:45 train and I'm hopping on. Until that is my stomach starts grumbling and I realize that I gotta take a dump and bad. Sorry for the TMI. Decide if I'm going to do it, I should do my business before the half point, just to help myself maybe negative split for once. I lost my train and approximately 2 minutes of my race. Oh well, gotta keep pushing. (6:15, 6:21, 6:18, 8:02, 6:21)
Hit the wind in this section and really wish I had that pack to hang in the back of and do absolutely zero work to help. Keep grinding out the same effort and tell myself that any drop in time is due to the wind. Can tell my legs are starting to get pretty heavy and this point, but I tell myself that at 18 I'll have a tailwind and that'll push me to the finish line. I also knew this was not true. Hit mile 16 and think I've got a little over an hour left and I can hurt for an hour. It may not be fast, but I can hurt. This is the first time I've ever not gotten antsy at the thought of not being able to finish the race when it started to feel like this. I knew it may not be pretty, but I was going down swinging. Also, somewhere in here my stomach started cramping and I gave up on my third gel and taking on any water. I was taking on fluid 2/3 stations until this point, but I knew that was a risky idea from here on out. (6:24, 6:20, 6:31, 6:34, 6:40, 6:43)
The tailwind is finally at my back, I finally stop the metaphorical bleeding a little bit, and even manage to convince myself that the stomach was just a rough patch and that I'd get through this. First time the "This is just a rough patch" self talk bullshit has worked for me in a race. Neat. Each mile I tell myself to keep the effort as high as I can stand it. I don't worry about the finish line or where it is, I just focus on hurting as much as I can at that moment. It was surprisingly effective if you ignore the actual pace. Every mile I manage to make it feel more difficult than the last. I kept my heart rate damn near what it was for the previous parts of the race. One of my pet peeves in previous races where I've bonked is that I let my HR go down after the hard part starts, and I think that means I gave up too early. 22, 23, 24 I just focus on kicking my legs back as strong as I was for the first half of the race. I don't let it go to a shuffle no matter what. As an aside, they have speakers all along the course here where the crowds are kinda sparse. Which is cool, except they slightly delay the speakers so that ones further down are slightly behind so you can hear more of the song I guess? Anyways it's super trippy and broke my brain when it was already pretty fried. Also, somewhere in here I start stripping, aka taking off my arm sleeves, because I'm absolutely on fire in the balmy 40 degree weather. My legs are still moving but by 25 my Vaporflys feel like they have the energy return of quicksand. From here I just count down the kilometers and miles to the finish, telling mself all the running routes I can run in my sleep that are the same distance along the way, or counting down the laps of a track. It gets me through the finish somehow and I'm grateful to see the line which I didn't think was ever going to come because they tuck it behind a weird turn right before the end. (6:37, 6:37, 6:53, 7:06, 7:23, 9:02 (1.2 miles))
Post-race Get inside the expo where I collect a really sad banana, some chocolate milk and go to grab my gear. Here I collect an ever sadder OGFirenation who is from my uneducated medical experience dying on the floor. Also, anbu and pfp are here just letting him die. All I can think is why am I a little bitch, and why can't I go to that place in a race. Whatever. Eventually we head out to the park and collect more and more meese. Overall it seems like everone had a pretty good day. Later on we got Mexican food at a super generous taco place. They kept brining out these adorable 7 oz Bud Lights that they gave us for free. The lady behind the cash register asked me if we ran the race, and I said yes. She then asked if I was shooting to win the race or just finish because there are apparently no goals you can set in between the two. I went with finish because it was more accurate. Then we headed back to their Airbnb, where I got some of the best sugar cookies I've ever had courtesy of OG's mom. Drank probably too much for me, and overall had a 10/10 time with some 10/10 people.
Thoughts I thought that I had a better race in me based on my training, but it's also a pet peeve of mine that people say I'm in 2:45 shape after running a 2:52 like I did. Because let's be real I did blow up a bit. But a 1:24/1:28 split is the closest to even I've gotten even if it required a strategically times porto break. I did go as far into the pain cave as I've gotten. My training was the best it's been, and I didn't go to the dark night sweaty place to do it. There are some positives to take out of a non ideal day. I would like to sincerly figure out my stomach issues while racing. I think being able to, you know digest fuel might help a little with the wall. I might play with just gatorade no gels at Boston, where the pressure to PR is off a bit because of the tight turn around. Maybe I'll stubbornly do the same fuel plan over and over and hope for a different outcome. Who knows. That's future me's problem.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2022.01.18 10:32 FatalFinality How often do you have dreams that you prefer over your real life?

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