Black Tea : Soul x Indie x RnB x VIBES: A short collection of music hidden gems that REFRESHES COMPLETELY EVERY Thursday. Visit for more playlist. @ blc_ktea

2022.01.18 10:28 jrandall411 Black Tea : Soul x Indie x RnB x VIBES: A short collection of music hidden gems that REFRESHES COMPLETELY EVERY Thursday. Visit for more playlist. @ blc_ktea

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2022.01.18 10:28 ArmedNDangerus I think I did good?

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2022.01.18 10:28 AmazingSpidey616 Jason Schreier on Twitter: BREAKING: The WSJ reports that Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard

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2022.01.18 10:28 diggergig The other half wanted a fillet 'o' fish from Mcdonald's. After nearly 40 years of waiting, I finally legitimately got to request a 'fillet of fish for my wife.'

I don't think they've actually sold it for the last 20 years, but I was too far gone.
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2022.01.18 10:28 amos0310 Using different classes

how do you guys use different classes and is there an advantage? i joined a group and accidentally selected driller and i had no idea what to do. should i use other classes and level them up or should i keep using scout? i already prestiged scout and i'm pretty good with it, but idk if i should level other characters too to increase my player lvl.
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2022.01.18 10:28 Previous-Loan-8235 My Band video with explicit lyrics

Some friends of mine are just getting into Eminem so I wanted to show em some classics. I started with the well-known singles. I wanted to show em My Band, too, but I couldn't find the music video with the explicit lyrics. Has someone got a link? And which non-singles should I play them first?
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2022.01.18 10:28 WinFromAfar Controversial Opinion: Technical Analysis is Necessary

TA gets misconstrued as many things so I want to highlight the actual benefits it does bring to ones bottom line. I should point out that tape reading is hard, it's not a walk in the park and many people spend their lives studying it.
The biggest reason TA is useful is it shows us where we are on the supply vs demand curve. Put simply we want to know where demand is higher than supply, as this then means the probability for prices to go up is highly increased. Price is simply a function of supply(shares in circulation) and demand(buyers).
A long time ago large institutions realised they could tilt this equation in their favour by simply buying up the majority of shares in a company. By reducing the supply in circulation, it becomes easier for demand to push the price up when it comes. This is known as an accumulation phase, and can be seen historically when a price bounces between two points. It might surprise people that institutions also sell during this period, in order to drop the price back to a favourable level where they will buy more (and in the process flush out those who can't handle the volatility). During this period institutions are net buyers.
I above described a trading range, which can be encompassed by two horizontal lines known as supply and resistance. I should point out that price action alone isn't enough, volume analysis is also critical. With volume we can decide who is in control, if demand is then we'll see a convergence between expanding volume and price. Same with contracting volume, a contracting price. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this pattern and get excited, it points to bigger things to come.
Remember that large institutions are doing very large scale top down economic, sector, industry and company fundamental analysis. This highly detailed research then directs them to accumulate shares in particular companies according to their strategy. So think about that for a second, if you are able to spot accumulation correctly, you are also getting all this research done for you for free! Fantastic.
Once accumulation is complete, you now have a solid price base held by a solid majority who intend to hold until markup produces substantial results. The markup is usually triggered by changing expectations, which can be caused by fundamental events within the company, the economy, global events etc. Even meme rallies. Have you ever wondered why good earnings drop the price of some companies but others rocket up? Study the tape prior to the event to find your answers.
Once a price objective has been met (which can be roughly determined by the amount of accumulation that has taken place), a distribution phase can begin. Usually at this point everyone is bullish on the stock and think it's never going to stop it's uptrend. How could it? The problem with too much bullishness is it signals buyer exhaustion. The price can only go up if there are people wiling to buy at those prices. What begins here is a distribution phase, usually seen by a change in character via a divergence of price and volume. Large red candles on high volume, when institutions are sat on large profits, signals a change in character.
Distributions are devious, everyone is so bullish they feel as though they are buying the dip. Without realising a rug pull has begun. But conversely these moments can also turn into reaccumulations, as other large operators take the reigns and bring the price higher. Once again vigilant study of the tape is required.
Given you can spot accumulation and distribution, you can follow the money as to when institutions are dropping one sector and buying up another, popularly known as a sector rotation. Seeing which sectors are getting accumulated also gives you an idea of the current market sentiment, i.e. are more defensive sectors being accumulated or more cyclical/speculative? How cool is that! All just from analysing the tape.
There is much more to it and this is just a taster of sorts. if you want to learn more consider reading up on wyckoffs principles, he was a stock broker who studied how his clients made money his whole life and came up with a system for finding them in the tape. He retired a rich man. Who better to learn from!
So it is not all astrology, there is a connection between what has happened on the tape and what can happen in the future. It is still probability of course and not a sure thing, but if your strategy wins at least 51% of the time, then the odds are in your favour.
Anecdotally it used to be that the accumulation phase could take years, before the markup phase would begin, but this has sped up over recent times and I've seen it now take place over months or even weeks, especially in the small caps and coins. It's these areas I concentrate on as they offer the most reward, where the risk can be mitigated by analysing context and of course, watching the tape for accumulation.
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2022.01.18 10:28 TemporaryLuckys How do you make a move on a girl ?

So I'm 18 years old and a lot of my friends are telling me stories that they dated girls, that they made a move on a girl, and I don't understand dating. How do you make a move, how do you know if they are in a relationship, how to know when to invite them on a date, how do you go in a relationship ( go for the kiss, or ask them for relationship ). And one more thing I always get in the friend-zone when I flirt, I don't know why. IWTL: Understand how do relationships (dating in general work) your thoughts ?
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2022.01.18 10:28 Sea_Opposite6657 Quelqu'un pour me faire bander

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2022.01.18 10:28 Alfiy_wolf Found this while cleaning out my freezer

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2022.01.18 10:28 lochydjango r/cyberlaws Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.18 10:28 samidinsaifi Baby playing with cat and see what happened next.......

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2022.01.18 10:28 VX4-90 Datsun 260Z 2+2

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2022.01.18 10:28 zombdriod requesting for tips and answers

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2022.01.18 10:28 CaptainZardok What can I do if I envy w0men?

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2022.01.18 10:28 Minidestroy100 Warning!

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2022.01.18 10:28 Brachenland New Mexico Skies // Fujifilm XP60 // Sept 2014

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2022.01.18 10:28 FrogFuckerFanatic Kinda sus how quickly they lock tbh

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2022.01.18 10:28 WyrdNine requesting access to clipboard

Hi all
Just a bit of a PSA.
I have used a couple of times since there was a post last week mentioning it. The third time today it requested access to my clipboard.
Can't see any reason for this other than clipboard harvesting.
Stay safe.
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2022.01.18 10:28 fuck_this_shithole New landlord help

A friend of mine moved at the beginning of December into a new place. The previous tenant left the place in quite a state, and at the time the previous tenant was slow to move out, even having my friend having to wait a few hours in front of the property with his furniture.
Thus the place was dirty when he moved in, and some maintenance was needed.
The landlord organized this after an extensive list was made. The landlord requested the spare keys but said they will inform before they do any work. My friend visited other friends the Friday night and slept over. When he got home the Saturday he saw that the landlord and their workers let themselves in and started working.
They did a decent job but my friend felt quite violated because he had personal belongings out, including electronics and such. He noticed a worker inside his fridge when he walked in. Also, his kitten was walking around outside and my friend kept the cat indoors because she haven't been fixed yet and doesn't have all her shots.
The biggest issue is that his cellphone charger is gone. It is the branded fast charger that comes with the phone (he has a decent phone).
So he sent a message to the landlord about this. He also mentioned how he had to wait almost a week for the previous tenant and still paid a full month, including this forcing my friend to pay pricier electricity because it was the second or third purchase for the month, so small irritations are mounting.
The landlord then offer to replace the charger, but it would have been a normal charger for a smaller phone. My friend says this is not ideal because he believes in getting the right replacement - a branded fast charger by the same manufacturer. He then opted to buy one at the cellphone store and for ease can withdraw the cost from the next rent, since it is the damage he suffered.
This morning my friend received an email from the landlord to vacate the property by the 31st of January (today is the 18th). When my friend messaged the landlord asking why and if it is because of the charger they will forego the claim because the cost and effort of moving far outweigh that. The landlord simply said they feel my friend is not a good fit.
The issue is that the place is quite nice and a fair price and my friend is very keen to stay there, besides the cost and effort of moving again. He told the landlord he think the relationship went off on the wrong foot and he is keen to stay.
The landlord hasn't replied yet.
My question is though: is this legal? The landlord found nothing inherently wrong with my friend. My friend fairly claimed damages from the landlord and then the landlord wanted to suspend the year contract with less than 14 days notice (the contract states that my friend has to give a month notice)
I am of opinion that if the landlord insists my friend should then open a case of theft at the police station, and maybe consult a lawyer about the notice period etc. But of course, this is a lot of admin and noise.
What do you guys think?
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2022.01.18 10:28 crytoloover Evulus - How to add EVU to favorites on CoinGecko

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2022.01.18 10:28 Pie-True Amitriptyline for insomnia

I’m taking this for headaches/migraines and insomnia. 10mg right now. I still cannot sleep. When does it finally kick in so I can sleep?
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2022.01.18 10:28 TheVideoGaymer Welcoming the Incredible Teams and Legendary Franchises of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft Gaming - Xbox Wire

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2022.01.18 10:28 Hamza-067 Download Ashgabat Natural Signature Font

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PSA for ender 3 Pro owners.
Last night I was upgrading my hotend. And when I was reconnecting the wiring. The wiring was old and was from when I got the printer. There was a large spark out of no where.
Turning on the printer. The nozzle read as 300c when cold.
Looked it up, turns out you can fry your motherboard when changing the hotend. So now I have to do that.
Hey while I'm here. Is there any really benefit to upgrading to a better motherboard? Is it worth it?
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