Crankys Quest

2021.09.26 21:13 MassiveNightsOhio Crankys Quest

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2021.09.26 21:13 OnlyOphelia5 Advice for starting?

Ive been feeling nostalgic for when I had sea monkeys growing up and l would really love to start a little colony now. I'd love to be able to set up a fancier, more asthetically pleasing tank than the little plastic ones that come in the kits (though I do love them, they don't match my home decor much). Honestly I just don't know where to start! I see some tanks with hoses and thermometers and I see some tanks are basically just jars set in a windowsill.
What do I need? What don't I need? What kinds of tanks can I use? Should I buy my supplies from the actual sea money folks? What sorts of things did I probably do wrong as a kid that I should avoid now?
Any advice or links to resources would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.26 21:13 LightSweep Actually turned out nice for a few hours in between all the misty drizzle: Lowther Estate, Cumbria, England [OC] [6000x4000]

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2021.09.26 21:13 ccpyrd Pest paranoia help (how careful do you have to be?) + Bonide question(s)

I'm pretty sure I have a thrip infestation on some new Hoya I'm quarantining (they're upstairs, the rest of my plants are downstairs).
I've been really paranoid about spreading them though so I've straight up been changing my clothes and rinsing off once a day after checking on them and testing them
Do you have to be that cautious? I'm still a newish plant owner and this my first time dealing with pests so between them and the mealy bugs (ugghh) I just found last night on a downstairs plant (which im still kind of freaking out about / I gave in and treated the plant next to it with bonide because it's one of my favorites) I'm not sure if I'm overreacting or not lollllll ⚰️
(Also is systemic indoor plant bonide safe in mini ikea green house thing. I haven't put any in there but I was curious bc the fans circulate air and even though it's closed off I have cats that get near it) (the ones I have used bonide on are safely out of their reach)
Any advice appreciated, thank you!!
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2021.09.26 21:13 TheMonsterKing04 Top 10 Names worse than 'Flaccid Pancake'

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2021.09.26 21:13 metatetrix153 Why do you think I'm a Satanist? Because my God is Satan to you, and your God is Satan to me. Everything is easier than simple!

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2021.09.26 21:13 jmilton1121 Completed: AMT ‘53 Hemi Studebaker DOUBLE WHAMMY!!

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2021.09.26 21:13 Krauser028 Broooo wtf is Mt. Lady's damage my guy!

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2021.09.26 21:13 kivaaa I'm so happy

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2021.09.26 21:13 OrthodoxDreams Which ancient civilization is your favourite and why?

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2021.09.26 21:13 tinyearthexplorer How do I stay focused at school, in subjects I find hard?

I very luckily don't find very many subjects extremely hard. Ive never had to work very hard to get good grades in English, History, Geography etc. The only subject I really struggle with is maths and I always have. I find myself daydreaming and even when I do focus I soon forget what I've learned. Maths is a subject really holding me back and I don't want it to be this way.
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2021.09.26 21:13 fixation2077 canceldota is reptilian alien

canceldota is reptilian alien
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2021.09.26 21:13 CoolerthantheAC Need a barrel dimpled.. does anyone know someone or a good place?

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2021.09.26 21:13 ThisIsSoooStupid 32 [m4f] Anywhere - Do you exist? Does anyone?

I am looking for someone who's somewhat similar to me possibly for something that lasts a decent amount of time.
​This is some random basic info about me:
• I have Bachelors and Masters in one field but I have never worked in that field, I am currently in a somewhat creative field of work.
​• My sense of humor is silly (as is this post), dark and sarcastic. I am silly too. You'd have to be ok with me saying stupid silly stuff. I am one of those people who like to roast. I can use some roasting too.
​• I drink socially but in the company of select few. My annual average is 10-20 times (40-60 drinks).
​• I seldom smoke; I have smoked less than 100 cigs in my entire life.
​• I don't care for tattoos (as in I am neutral towards them on other people), and I don't think I'll ever get one.
​• I am an Atheist
​• Nothing moves me more than music.
​• I am driven by logic. A bit too much. It’s getting exhausting.
​• I am politically a left social moderate. Which is just very slightly left to the dead center of a political map. It means that I agree with some things that are left and some things that are on right. I support a mixed economy, I am not a conservative and believe in the separation of religion and state.
​What do I love?
• My fav movie is School of Rock, and LOTR, Red, and Bourne series are my fav movie franchises.
​• I love reading but I am not into novels or books. I spend lots of time reading about history, philosophy and Science related stuff online
​• I am mostly a Sci-fi and Sitcom fan. My fav TV shows are Doctor Who and FRIENDS.
​• I have an eclectic taste in music but I am primarily into Rock music. Classic rock and progressive rock being my fav sub-genres.
​• I am a Dog person. I do love cats but if I ever get a pet then it'll be a dog. Probably a black Lab?
​• I am a casual gamer, currently wandering around in the world of GTA V (PC)
​• I am very much into photography and love carrying my DSLR with me as much as I can.
​Things I want to do
• To move to another country, UK, Nordic, or Canada.
• To travel to different countries, witnessing their culture and authentic food first hand.​
• To have a Gaming/Media room with a wall-sized projector, a badass PC to go along and a racing game controller fixed in the center.
​• To own a small cottage on some secluded hilltop with a backyard observatory for capturing Stars and far away galaxies.
​Who am I?
​• Brown eyes, Black Hair, wear glasses, Indian and have been called Handsome by women that were not my mom.​
• I like to have that 5 o'clock shadow going but I do often shave it all up. I can’t grow a full beard anymore (sometimes) because of Alopecia.
​• I am about 170 cms and weigh at around 70 KG right now (I know that’s ‘fit’ weight for men usually, but it isn’t for me, I have a thinner frame, so there’s some room for improvement).​
• I am always trying to be a bit healthier and a better human in general.
​• I think I am a nice person, or I try to be one to the best of my capabilities.
​• I don’t curse others in anger because hurting someone with words is not worth feeling shit about yourself.
​• I am a geeky curious person. I’d spend learning about things that help me in no way to forward my life. It’s more of a curse.
​• I am so easily distracted that I probably have ADD.
​• I murder animals for taste buds (not really, I haven’t killed anything but I do eat meat, mostly chicken)
​Who you are supposed to be?
​• Music means a lot to you as well, you’d be ok with attending most types of concerts as long as you have the right kind of company (me).​
• You’d rather book that trip for 15 days than buy a new car.
• You are either an atheist or agnostic. You can be spiritual if you are otherwise awesome.
​• You’d love to try tasting some new food and understand that different cultures have different tastes in food.
​• You are not a vegetarian/vegan.
​• You love cooking, and love trying new recipes even more (So we can do that together)
​• You are a good human
• You'd also like to move to another country or already have or are from someplace that much more liberal socially and politically
​• You are not easily offended. Dark, sarcastic, and rude humor doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t care for you.
​• You’ve read this boring ass post because you can’t believe that someone so similar and specific exists and is desperate enough to use R4R.
​• You agree that love for food and love for health are not mutually exclusive; that they often should exist together.
​• You find 'attitude' as annoying of a description for women as you do 'egoistic' for men.
​• You genuinely love talking about multitudes of things and can spend hours debating angrily about something and yet not hate the person that won’t agree with you.
​• You are driven by logic too and I’d be the stupid you do.
​• You are not in general addicted to anything.
​• Your idea of being drunk is to just get that buzz going, never to lose control. You’ve never been so drunk that you can’t recall what happened. (ok maybe once or twice is fine).
​Obviously, not everything on that list is important, most important aspects of that list are the ones related to music, food, and religion. Please direct your questions, pity, hate, and anger towards my inbox. I’d love to hear from you if you are even 50% of what I've rambled on about; because being logical is on the list.
TL;DR: Looking for a geeky non-religious music lover for friendship or more.
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2021.09.26 21:13 ProgressiveFirst Που μπορώ να βρω σε pdf/ηλεκτρονικά τα τεύχη του μικρού Ηρως;

Μικρός είχα αρκετά τέτοια αλλά πλέον δεν βρίσκω τι απέγιναν.Ξερει κανένας να μου προτείνει ηλεκτρονικές διευθύνσεις ή λινό που μπορώ να τα διαβάσω ηλεκτρονικά;
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2021.09.26 21:13 Annual-Ad6475 Happy Sunday everyone!

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2021.09.26 21:13 Valex_87 Cyber Escape

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2021.09.26 21:13 sth_funnier I was told to join you other Z900 guys. Happy to present my 2018 one. Loved her since her first kilometre.

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2021.09.26 21:13 Luke_Trapwalker Hunters can clean up pretty well!

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2021.09.26 21:13 ek695 Hasan is talking about the new show on his twitch rn if you haven’t checked him out before

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2021.09.26 21:13 frnt10 Are people pressing tackle too much or am i not pressing it enough?

Returning player here, i've been noticing how people end up a game with over 50 tackles, while i have only 15-20 at best. Is this because the slow gameplay?
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2021.09.26 21:13 eruela One spot left for someone who loves a drama free atmosphere and a competitive and supportive team. We’re looking for an “active” player and not anyone looking to meet minimum’s and coast by the skin of their teeth every week. We’re a range of 5k to 55k players and compete in syncs and rumbles.

One spot left for someone who loves a drama free atmosphere and a competitive and supportive team. We’re looking for an “active” player and not anyone looking to meet minimum’s and coast by the skin of their teeth every week. We’re a range of 5k to 55k players and compete in syncs and rumbles. submitted by eruela to wordscapes [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 21:13 mjaysaur Mayday Parade Tattoo Request

Huge Mayday Parade fan here! Wondering if anyone can draw a tattoo of their broken heart logo, red umbrella, and the anchor together( google for reference). Wanted their band logo but I feel these images represented them the most not only the broken heart.
Can be lined or colored.
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2021.09.26 21:13 Tom-Darcy My buddy Watson

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2021.09.26 21:13 rogu14 CMK16GX4M2D3600C18 what is it?

What die is it?
From my understanding it can literally be almost anything from HJR's to mircon e-die depending what version you get, is this correct?
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