Yeaaah Bake !!!

2021.09.26 21:51 agekko17 Yeaaah Bake !!!

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2021.09.26 21:51 BookNarrow5249 The war is ending after Visions was released.

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2021.09.26 21:51 WyrdWyrmMTG Strawberry Spaghetti N' Creme

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2021.09.26 21:51 King_KT333 50 cent really had a verse on this?

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2021.09.26 21:51 awwwsumgirl Extra red rocks tickets

Does anyone have two extra red rocks tickets? Spent $223 and the ticket company won’t give me my tickets :( I don’t know what to do. I’m really sad.
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2021.09.26 21:51 biosmite add for daily gifts and xp grind :)

1712 6626 7509
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2021.09.26 21:51 Kinkyking23 I aint gon hold out Ima bless the gang

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2021.09.26 21:51 IamPadawan Ethan pulled the card

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2021.09.26 21:51 ---jz--- Trouble clicking on links

Please take a moment to go to this thread on Boost.
It is nearly impossible to click on the links and be redirected to the right game thread. I find myself having to repeatedly tap tap tap until something happens and then hope it's the thread I wanted and not the one above or below it.
The weird thing is that I am able to click on the links to each teams sub with no problem, it is only the links for the game threads that are stubborn.
Any idea why this is happening in Boost?
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2021.09.26 21:51 h4k01n Is there squad battle rewards tonight?

Not sure if I should buy VVD now or wait in case there is rewards
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2021.09.26 21:51 Almadart Solidão, ó, solidão/Um pedido pra vocês

Sabe, eu queria não estar sozinho. Não ter que recorrer à Internet pra me sentir consolado e etc. Eu desprezo todas as formas disso. Não tento ficar pensando no que eu sou ou o que eu não sou porque eu sei que esses padrões são pessoas que nem fazem parte da minha vida que colocam na nossa cabeça. Eu vi uns posts aqui hoje e é meio complicado a maioria das coisas serem sobre vício em pornografia ou sobre serem virgens ou alguma coisa sobre família e tal, eu queria que as pessoas, especialmente as daqui se perguntassem mais como ter experiências construtivas entre si ao invés de fazer um megathread sobre como possivelmente se transar, e fazer a comunidade virar uma especial de subcopia depressiva e anônima do tinder. Não julgo, é até engraçado, mas é triste. É chata essa normalização.
Não gosto de usar tinder, sabe, parece tudo tão momentâneo, ficar mostrando aparência na Internet e puxar conversinha boba. Não tô dizendo que eu estou acima dessa realidade, só que imagina entrar nisso agora e chegar nos trinta e poucos e continuar nessa?
Eu iria pedir algum conselho sobre alguma ideia de como me relacionar com as pessoas, pela Internet mesmo, de uma forma mais duradoura e gratificante, mas mudei de ideia. Quero mesmo pedir pra vocês se preocuparem com coisas que geram afeto verdadeiro. Amanhã eu posso encontrar você na rua e querer conversar sobre qualquer coisa espontânea, sem forçar a barra. Nós existimos um pro outro e não estamos aqui só pra lermos o quão horrível nós pensamos que somos sozinhos ou quanto atrasados nós estamos por não nos sentirmos amados por certas pessoas. Osh, parece banal falar isso, e eu tenho ciência disso, mas pra eliminar esse atraso a gente tem que pensar em como nós vamos tomar o paço inicial pra amar os outros de um jeito maior. E por mais que pareça que são os nosso defeitos que impedem a gente de fazer isso, não são. É a mútua compreensão que a gente não tem, se tivéssemos não precisaríamos lamentar tanto assim os sofrimentos do nosso quartinho. Sei lá. Desculpe o egoísmo.
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2021.09.26 21:51 RavenWolf1 Video game prices are so illogical that it hurts my brain

I can't understand video game pricing these days. They are all around the map and so illogical for example:
Diablo II: Resurrected costs 40€! For game which I played a lot back in the days. How is old game with just little better graphics worth of 40€? Compared to Medieval Dynasty which was a new release. I bought it last Friday little over 20€ and that game will give me surely hundreds of hours playtime.
Then we got life is Strange: True Colors which cost 60€! and it has about little over 10h game play! While then we got new game Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous which costs 40-50€ and gives deep RPG story and long playtime.
There are also visual novels where good ones costs easily 40-60€! AAA game prices! But they are basically are just books with audio and some pictures in background! Good books you can get less than 10€ from bookshops!
And same time we get weekly not so old games free from Epic Store and other places. And not counting "free" games like Genshin Impact or World of Warships where you really don't need to spent a euro to have fun with the game.
I think whole game industry has gone bonkers.
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2021.09.26 21:51 lurvaz Quinoa, chickpeas, onion, garlic, green and red pepper, zucchini, broccoli, carrot and tofu 🌱

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2021.09.26 21:51 i-like-tortoises Gaddafi And The People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

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2021.09.26 21:51 KimonoisKimono [HIRE ME] Excellent, Experienced, and Reliable Academic Writer/Tutor

Hello there!
Are you juggling domestic responsibilities, pursuing multiple majors, stuck or simply looking for more leisure or recreational time?
I can help you with that!
Who am I?
My name is Clare Bennett, an academic writer and editor for the past 7 years now. I work independently but sometimes collaborate with Uvocorp, Chegg, eNotes, and Writerbay.
I have helped numerous students with overwhelmingly positive reviews in multiple disciplines.
Working alone a mutually beneficial interpersonal relationship. A trait absent when working with a company or a group of writers.
What I can do for you!
I'm proficient in the different writing/referencing styles including APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago, and ASA. And can help you with online classes, short assignments, quizzes, essays, research papers, dissertations, reviews and the like. Furthermore, I'm available for semester or yearlong online classes.
To ascertain my proficiency, I have compiled an excellent PORTFOLIO that you can review and I further offer verifiable references.
I charge 15$ per page, any paper, any discipline, any deadline. Payment is via PAYPAL
You can reach me at, [](
Thank you!
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2021.09.26 21:51 ApprehensiveTop947 Ich mache cumtributes auf Freundinnen Klassenkameradinnen etc. schreibt mich einfach an

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2021.09.26 21:51 Stru_7 6218 3809 8134 add me

6218 3809 8134
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2021.09.26 21:51 Dannig178 Lindsey Vonn

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2021.09.26 21:51 mrtootybutbut_real any piks of the studio c chucky?

just wanna know
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2021.09.26 21:51 Bassel_Younes 18 years old sad

Hello i feel so sad when i open this subreddit full of people who talk their advices from strangers on the internet what an i to do?
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2021.09.26 21:51 KitaDub Mauro - Buona Sera Ciao Ciao

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2021.09.26 21:51 Awkward_Ad3381 Almost done with home for my dog

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2021.09.26 21:51 PlatnumTanker H: Flux, junk W: Aligned Enclave Flamer Mod

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2021.09.26 21:51 Ghost_Pepper9000 My card is like this:

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2021.09.26 21:51 LiftHeavyAndInvest The progress of my first tattoo. Done by Zen at Speakeasy Tattoo in Chicago, IL.

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