• Microblogging Microblogging — another form of blogging. Essential difference between traditional blog and microblog is in the message length. The messages in microblogs also known as microposts. Most of the options from traditional blog also available for the microblog users such as forwarding, reposts, private messages, following and so on.
  • Twister or Anonymity in Twitter by Peer2Peer for microblogging Твистор или анонимный твиттер для каждого.

    For now Twitter is the most popular service for microblogging. But what suppose to be happened if oneday somebody who has a power just will not like of what are you writing about?.. What if you want to be sure that nobody will not find you as an author and will not delete any of your posts?.. In that case you should change the net from centralized network to ad hoc network or also know as decentralized netwrok and Twister is what you are looking for...