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I have my dear E72 by Nokia cell phone. And today I set a goal to upgrade the firmware to the latest version (now it is R-530 091.004). The NaviFirm+ showed me that the latest version (091.004) is only available for Australia, Bangladesh, Benelux, Cambodia, Asia, Europe, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, LTA, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and Thai. As you see Russia is absent in this list.

But how to add Russian input language for Nokia E72 R-530 091.004?

First of all I thought that Russian language not so important as English and without hesitation I set up the new firmware using the Phoenix software. Everything was fine, but one day I really needs to find the contact information which was written in Cyrillic characters. Ups... It was too inconveniently to use joystick to find contacts which was saved in Cyrillic characters. And also I can't downgrade the Firmware, because the resume of it will be dead cell body. I found very good solution to solve this problem described here, but the problem is, that the latest version of Phoenix can't accept to rewrite any files during the firmware upgrade. Windows just shows notification about files blocking by other application when I tried to rewrite it. I wrestled with this subject long time, but once I just forgot that Phoenix waiting the phone connection to start firmware upgrade and after about 5 minutes I saw the message:

Error message by Phoenix. Now we can replace the language files in our firmware.

 It was a solution. Now we can override needs files in Phoenix directory and then click the button Retry. This short instruction can help you to save a lot of time. :)

Shortly the resume of firmware upgrade on my Nokia E72 R-530 091.004 is

  1. You need to do the same doings that described in this instruction before the moment when you will see this dialog window: Upgrade e72 to the new firmware 091.004 saved the Russian language.
  2. Now you need just to wait about 5 minutes before the moment when you can see this error message:Add Russian input to the Nokia E72 091.004
  3. Now you need to rewrite language files as it described above.
  4. Remove the battery from your phone, connect your phone to the computer, click "Retry" and then insert the battery. The process of firmware updating should start automatically, just click OK in the other dialog window as it shows at point 1. If the process didn't start, just push the power button for 3-5 seconds. It it is not working, save the USB connection, but remove and insert the battery again.
  5. After the end of firmware upgrade you can see the Russian language at your phone.

This method working for any additional languages, just to find your language file using NavFirm Plus utility and rewrite the similar file in the new version of firmware for your cell phone. In my case I found this firmware as new:

Navfirm Plus - searching firmware for Nokia E72 R530 091.004

And this one as source for the language files:

Navfirm Plus - searching firmware for Nokia E72 R530 091.004

In Russian version I found two files:

  1. rm530_091.003_20.01_Russian_QW1_prd.rofs2.fpsx
  2. rm530_091.003_C00.01_DEFAULT_prd.rofs3.fpsx

and rename it for overwriting as:

  1. rm530_091.004_01.01_Euro1_QW_prd.rofs2.fpsx
  2. rm530_091.004_C00.01_DEFAULT_prd.rofs3.fpsx


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