Сервис Твистер (Twister) для каждого, кто ищет честную альтернативу Твиттеру.

Twister or Anonymity in Twitter by Peer2Peer for microblogging

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For now Twitter is the most popular service for microblogging. But what suppose to be happened if oneday somebody who has a power just will not like of what are you writing about?.. What if you want to be sure that nobody will not find you as an author and will not delete any of your posts?.. In that case you should change the net from centralized network to ad hoc network or also know as decentralized netwrok and Twister is what you are looking for...

One of the twitter disadvantages is that if you cut off the central server all the network stup functioning and also all messagess in netwrok are server's administrators operated. That means that teoretically they can change it or transmit this information to somebody else.

Twister microblogging network works based on other principles called Peer2Peer networking. So what does it signify? - First of all, that all the information are synchronized from client to client, each of the network node has a copy of portion of data base so that means that if you write something in that netwrok it is not possible to delete any of your messages. So everybody can talk what he or she wants to talk. No censorship, no logs, not statistics and all the traffic between clients are encrypted include the meta data.

Also Twister it is open source project so everybody can compile own client for specific needs. So in other words Twister it is a network devoid of Tracking, Censor and Logs. We prepared short video review about Twister Network and Twister client for MS Windows.

Twister - Anonymous microblogs for everybody who tired of Twitters centralization, censorship and logs.

There is the short Twitter's specification

  • Free Speech;
  • No Spying;
  • No Ip Recording.

Uncensored Speech

Totally decentralization that's why there is no censoship in this network. So nobody's gonna tell you what you can and what you can not  talk about.

No Shadowing

End-to-end encryption of everything ranging from content to metadata.

No Ip Logging

No online announcement for other users and NO IP Recording on any server.

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