How to change skype status before log in?..

How to change your skype status before login?..

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Sometimes you need to change your skype status before log in. Unfortunately Microsoft disabled change status option in a login screen. Probably to increase calls, believing that there is a chance that other can people contact you until you change your status. Now, how to change your skype status to invisible before login to skype?..

On default skype remembering your last status and using it in a next login.

First method, how to change your status to invisible before login to skype.

Disconnect your internet access after 0.5 - 1 second you enter your login details in a skype authorization window. The essence of this method is to log in to microsoft server but do not send your status information. Well this method works but there is no full gurantee that skype did not send your status information on the server. 

The second way is to edit main.db SQLite table which you can find here:
 %AppData%\Skype\'Your account name'\main.db

There is a table called Accounts with field called set_availability. So just change the number depending of status which you want to get:

Number Status
6 Invisible
5 Do not disturb
3 Away
2 Online
1 Offline

Full video instruction, how to change your skype status before authorization process

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